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TurningPoint Clickers

UWF has partnered with TurningTechnologies to provide an audience response system for instructors and students. TurningPoint integrates seamlessly into Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing students to participate in presentations using a response card, also called a "Clicker". PowerPoint presentations then become powerful data collection, assessment, and engagement tools that collect real-time responses, dramatically enhancing learning outcomes.

Photo of a TurningPoint Clicker
TurningPoint Clicker

Using TurningPoint in Class

There are three components to using TurningPoint in class: (1) software, (2) instructor's RF (radio frequency) receiver, and (3) ResponseCard (the student’s “Clicker”). Most classrooms on campus have TurningPoint already installed on the desktop. 

Once students register their clickers in MyUWF, the students' information will be connected to their responses made in class. Instructors who choose to use “participant lists” for quizzes, exams, attendance, etc., will have a Clicker Roster available in Classmate. Instructors can download this information to Excel and then import the data into a TurningPoint PowerPoint presentation. Current TurningPoint software is available on the desktop in most classrooms. Instructors may download the software for free to develop curricular materials. Students may purchase ResponseCards from the university bookstore. Instructors should report to the university bookstore sales manager the number of ResponseCards that they expect students will purchase for a course to ensure they are adequately stocked (similar to the way books are requested). Clickers with braille can also be ordered for students who are sight impaired. 


1. Let the Bookstore know you intend to use Clickers for your class.

2. Obtain a TurningPoint Faculty Pack by contacting the ITS Help Desk.

3. Attend a Clicker Faculty Training.

4. Download and install TurningPoint on your Office PC or laptop.

TurningPoint Instructions for Instructors


1. Purchase a Clicker from the Bookstore.

2. Register your Clicker.

3. Bring your Clicker to class.

TurningPoint Instructions for Students