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Argie the Chatbot

Argie the Chatbot alerts students about important info via text and is available to answer students' questions 24/7.

Argie the Argonaut holds a mini Argie head.
Argie the Argonaut

All About Argie

Who/what is Argie? 

Argie the Chatbot is a texting service provided by Undergraduate Admissions and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. He is named after UWF's mascot, Argie the Argonaut.

What does Argie the Chatbot do for current undergraduate students?

Argie the Chatbot's job is to share important admissions and enrollment updates with UWF students via text. He's also available to answer questions 24/7 about all things UWF. He considers himself a "personal helper bot." Argie is an eager learner. The more students ask, the more he learns, and the better he gets at answering questions. When he has trouble answering a question, a human helps him find the right answer.

How do I get started chatting with Argie?

Applied and current students with a mobile phone number on file receive a text invitation to interact with Argie. Argie is also available by using the chat feature on this page.

For more information, please contact:

Alicyn Booth, Associate Director
Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology