Psycho Beach Party

by Charles Busch

Synopsis: “Gidget”, Frankie and Annette beach party epics, and Hitchcock psychological suspense thrillers such as “Spellbound” and “Marnie” are given a shotgun marriage. Chicklet Forrest, a teenage tomboy, desperately wants to be part of the surf crowd on Malibu Beach in 1962. One thing getting in her way is her unfortunate tendency towards split personalities. Among them is a black check out girl, an elderly radio talk show hostess, a male model named Steve and the accounting firm of Edelman and Edelman. Her most dangerous alter ego is a sexually voracious vixen named Ann Bowman who has nothing less than world domination on her mind.


Kanaka  Logan Rausch 
Yo-Yo Michael Ruff 
Nicky Sam Yelverton 
Provoloney  Ray Vervoort 
Star Cat Tim Colee 
Chicklet Amy Fenicle 
Dee Dee Melissa Ezell 
Berdine  Emily Merritt 
Marvel Ann Annastasia Fiala 
Mrs. Forest Shanaya Dixon 
Bettina Barnes Ashlee Ballew 

Production Staff

Director Katie Mack
Scenic Designer Storm Hooten
Costume Designer Mary Tempesta
Lighting Designer Charles Houghton
Sound Designer Nick Rhyne
Technical Director Robin Lawshe
Stage Manager Michaela Jones
Assistant Stage Manager Hayley Heath
Master Electrician Matt Brunelle
Sound Board Operator Tammy Babich
Light Board Operator Kim McCroan
Props Master/Asst. Charge Artist Amber Persilver
Scenic Run Crew Jacquel Bradley
Props Run Crew Joanna Warner
  Sara Santos
Wardrobe Supervisor Tiffany Nelson
Dressers Emily Albaugh
  Alexa McKnight
Wig & Hair Stylist Destinee Steele
Wig & Makeup Tiffany Hardin
House Manager Kayla Fainer
Scene Shop Crew Jared Gibson
  Jean-Michel Newberg
  Craig Larson
  Matthew Schnitker
  Josh Thomsa
Paint Crew Shanaya Dixon
  Kayla Fainer
  David Sanford
Costume Shop Crew Val Besser
  Edee Green
  Darian Canton
  Gabriel Esmurdoc
  Melissa Ezell
  Annastasia Fiala
  Tiffany Hardin
  Hannah Hiers
  Heather Lee
  Alexa McKnight
  Jessica Winter
Lighting Crew Jared Gibson
  Tyler Frayer
  Kayla May
  Will Patrick
  Isabel Teller
  Josh Thomas
Props Shop Crew Kerry Sandell
  Hannah Sharpe
  Isabel Teller
Sound Crew Emily Carff
Scene Shop Student Staff Sara Bonilla
  Matt Brunelle
  Tyler Frayer
  Storm Hooten
  Dominic Johnson
  Robin Lawshe
Costume Shop Student Staff Renee McGee
  Tiffany Nelson
  Mary Tempesta
  Destinee Steele
Box Office Staff Amber Persilver
  Ryan Shepard
  Charles York