Department of Theatre

The Department of Theatre is an exclusively undergraduate audition-only program offering individualized training in performance, design/tech and management through the classroom, laboratory (productions) and professional development opportunities. The faculty is actively involved in professional theatre, opera and dance companies outside the University offering students current skills and professional connections.

Purchase Tickets to Theatre Department Shows - Tickets for the 2016-2017 Season will go on sale August 1.

Program Description

The Theatre Department is an undergraduate only program designed to provide the training and experience to help our students grow to the next level. The department is small enough to provide one-on-one work with instructors, but large enough to deliver a wide range of realized production opportunities. Students are encouraged to become involved their first semester on campus and receive a wide-range of opportunities in all areas of Theatre. One of the key features of the Department of Theatre at UWF is the degree to which all the faculty is engaged in professional theatre, opera and dance companies outside the University. This unique level of professional engagement enhances the experience of students by ensuring that their education is pre-professional training.