Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities

Studying the Past to Thrive in the Present and Build a Better Future

At UWF, we celebrate the arts, social sciences, and humanities as central to a cutting-edge education.

These disciplines study people. They develop well-educated, imaginative, inquisitive, communicative, adaptable, and empathetic graduates ready to demonstrate the 21st Century skills necessary to succeed in today's workplace. Students work collaboratively with engaging faculty in small class settings to hone their critical thinking, oral and written communication, project management, and professional development. They spend time thinking and writing, reading and discussing, observing and performing -- qualities that set them apart from their peers in the marketplace. The College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities believes these skills endure and set students up to be lifetime learners no matter where their journey beyond UWF takes them.

Resource Allocation Committee Travel Funding (RAC)

Please refer to the Resource Allocation Committee (RAC) travel funding request memo and application form for information on the 2014-15 CASSH/RAC travel funding criteria and process. 

The Fall 2014 deadline for submission of travel funding applications is 5:00 pm on Monday, September 29, 2014. The Spring 2015 deadline is tentatively scheduled for January 30, 2015.

Travel funding requests must meet the criteria included in the memo. Adjunct and visiting faculty are not eligible to apply for CASSH/RAC travel funding. Eligible faculty may apply for funds related to only ONE trip for the 2014-15 year.

Departments are strongly encouraged to cover one-third of the travel cost of submitted applications, to facilitate a three-way split between the Department, College, and Provost’s Office. Applications should include information on other sources and amounts of travel funds, including departmental, seed, or other funds, and a completed TAR with their application.

CASSH RAC Travel Funding Memo 2014-15

CASSH RAC Travel Fund Application