by Euripides

Synopsis: There are many myths that tell the story of Medea. The history is that she saved her future husband while destroying her own family. Now, married to Jason, she finds that he has betrayed her love and abandoned their children. In a desperate and powerful act, she kills her own sons. Medea has haunted Western theater for 2,400 years, presenting one of the strongest female characters ever to appear on stage. 


Medea Kerry Sandell
Jason Will Patrick
Kreon Jim Eisman
Aigeus Topher Warren
Nurse Kathleen Joyce
Chorus Sara Bond
  Alex Brookins
  Shanaya Dixon
  Annastasia Fiala
  Amber Persilver
Tutor Logan Rausch
Children Erik Sandell
  Luke Sandell

Production Staff

Director Sam Osheroff
Assistant Director Allison Horton
Scenic Designer Storm Hooten
Costume Designer Tiffany Nelson
Lighting Designer Charles Houghton
Technical Director Matt Brunelle
Sound Designer Tyler Simmons
Stage Manager Tammy Babich
Assistant Stage Manager Amy Kilgore
Master Electrician Tyler Simmons
Hair Stylist Destinee Steele
Props Master Ashlee Ballew
Assistant Props Master Kayleigh Campo
Scenic Run Crew Malik Ali
  Raymond Vervoort
Light Board Operator Hannah Sharpe
Sound Board Operator Emily Carff
Wardrobe Supervisor Faith Green
Dressers Emily Albaugh
  Kim McCroan
Props Run Crew Gabriel Esmurdoc
  Jean-Michel Newberg
Laundry Jena Alami
House Manager Heather Lee
Scene Shop Crew Darian Canton
  Josh Thomas
  Ray Vervoort
  Michael Ruff
  Jared Gibson
  Will Patrick
  Cory Tucker
  Kerry Sandell
  Tyler Simmons
  Andy Terwilliger
  Kerry Sandell
Paint Crew Emily Carff
  Katie Joyce
  Cherry Rendell
  Alex Brookins
  Ann Marie Nusrala
  Sydney Yeager
Costume Shop Crew Faith Green
  Kim McCroan
  Hannah Hiers
  Shanaya Dixon
  Emily Albaugh
  Annastasia Fiala
  Heather Lee
  Amber Persilver
Lighting Crew Tyler Frayer
  Tim Colee
  Cori Lapinsky
  Jessica McMillan
Props Shop Crew Jessi Winter
  Topher Warren
  Gabby Fernandez
  Kayla Feiner
  Sydney Yeager
  Joanna Warner
Scene Shop Student Staff Matt Brunelle
  Tyler Frayer
  Storm Hooten
  Dominic Johnson
  Robin Lawshe
Costume Shop Student Staff Darian Canton
  Gabriel Esmurdoc
  Tiffany Nelson
  Destinee Steele
  Mary Tempesta
  Jessica Winter
Box Office Staff Paula-Kay Beswick
  Zach Kuhl
  Amber Persilver
  Charles York