The Threepenny Opera

Book & Lyrics by Bertolt Brecht / Music by Kurt Weill / English adaptation by Marc Blitzstein

Synopsis: The Threepenny Opera proclaims itself "an opera for beggars," and it was in fact an attempt both to satirize traditional opera and operetta and to create a new kind of musical theater based on the theories of two young German artists, composer Kurt Weill and poet-playwright Bertolt Brecht. The show opens with a mock-Baroque overture, a nod to Threepenny's source, The Beggar's Opera. In a brief prologue following the overture, a shabby figure comes onstage with a barrel organ and launches into a song chronicling the crimes of the notorious bandit and womanizer Macheath, "Mack the Knife," who marries the innocent and virginal Polly Peachum. This displeases her father, who controls the beggars of London, and so he endeavours to have Macheath hanged! His attempts are hindered by the fact that the Chief of Police, Tiger Brown, is Macheath's old army comrade. Still, Peachum exerts his influence and eventually gets Macheath arrested and sentenced to hang. Macheath escapes this fate via a deus ex machina moments before the execution when, in an unrestrained parody of a happy ending, a messenger from the Queen arrives to pardon Macheath and grant him the title of Baron.


Street Singer Cassie Martinez 
MacHeath Marquez Linder 
Jackie "Tiger" Brown Jim Eisman 
Mr. Peachum Keegan Stull 
Mrs. Peachum Rachel Lewis 
Polly Peachum Jordan Quinn 
Lucy Brown Amanda Cook 
Jenny Nicole Castro 
Filch Garrett Poladian 
Kimball Ruben Diaz 
Matt Andrew Terwilliger 
Walt Dominic Johnson 
Jake Sean Taylor 
Bob Jonathan Maisel 
Dolly Amy Fenicle 
Coaxer Cassie Martinez 
Molly Alexa Teebo 
Betty Joanna Warner 
Smith Malik Ali 
Beggars Ashlee Ballew 
  Kristian Charbonnier
  Christian Williams

Production Staff

Director Sam Osheroff
Choreographer Kris Danford
Scenic Design Jenna Luchkiw
Costume Design Chelsea Sorensen
Lighting Design Charles Houghton
Production Manager Christina Hagan
Technical Director Zach Kuhl
Asst. Music Directors Ryan Shepard
  Sydney True
Asst. Lighting Designer Johnny Marks
Stage Manager Jerre Brisky
Asst. Stage Managers Jacquel Bradley
  Lauren Kapanski
Stage Crew Michael Baker
  Benjamin Haupt
Fly Operator Sam Yelverton
Master Electrician Storm Hooten
Asst. ME/Light Board Operator Kieannah Marshall-Dawson
Spotlight Operators Thamara Babich
  Tony Dickup
  Anna Plevak
  Tamara Saenz-Marmol
Sound Board Operator Matt Brunelle
Props Master Erin Finnegan
Props Run Crew Jason Choate
  Amber Hoffmeister
Wardrobe Supervisor Kearney Starr
Wig/Makeup Artist Ashley Sileo
Dressers Juan Aguas
  Shanaya Dixon
  Kathleen Gold
  Jessica McMillan
  Kevin Perez
Laundry Annastasia Fiala-Gapp
House Manager Kyle Golden
Scene Shop Crew Michael Baker
  Kristian Charbonier
  Tony Dickup
  Jim Eisman
  Maygan Eldridge
  Storm Hooten
  Melissa Moore
  Dannelle Wheeler
  Sam Yelverton
Paint Crew Sara Bond
  Alex Cihanowic
  Laura Ippolito
  Kim McCroan
  Will Patrick
  Jordan Quinn
Costume Shop Crew Jessica Abney
  Nicole Castro
  Tamara Desruisseaux
  Shanaya Dixon
  Chris Frazier
  Amber Hoffmeister
  Tiffany Nelson
  Anna Plevak
  Brittany Pires
  Pilar Rehert
  Kearney Starr
  Alexa Teebo
  Dannelle Wheeler
  Daniel Williams
  Nethaneel Williams
Lighting Crew Sara Bonilla
  Amanda Cook
  Larissa Gonzalez
  Kieannah Marshall-Dawson
  Jessica McMillan
  Emily Merritt
Props Crew Thamara Babich
  Matt Brunelle
  Gabriella Fernandez
  Benjamin Haupt
  Amber Persilver
Scene Shop Student Staff Zach Kuhl
  Robin Lawshe
  Jenna Luchkiw
  Johnny Marks
  Stacey Taylor
Costume Shop Student Staff Jac Corday
  Lisa Eash
  Kaitlyn Kerwood
  Marquez Linder
  Ashley Sileo
  Chelsea Sorenson
  Kristen Taylor
  Mary Tempesta
Student Staff Electrician Aileen Cleaver
Box Office Staff Matthew Dailey
  Jonathan Maisel
  Nathan Smith