Intimate Apparel

by Lynn Nottage

Synopsis: The time is 1905, the place New York City, where Esther, a black seamstress, lives in a boarding house for women and sews intimate apparel for clients who range from wealthy white patrons to prostitutes. Her skills and discretion are much in demand, and she has managed to stuff a goodly sum of money into her quilt over the years. One by one, the other denizens of the boarding house marry and move away, but Esther remains, lonely and longing for a husband and a future. Her plan is to find the right man and use the money she's saved to open a beauty parlor where black women will be treated as royally as the white women she sews for. By way of a mutual acquaintance, she begins to receive beautiful letters from a lonesome Caribbean man named George who is working on the Panama Canal. Being illiterate, Esther has one of her patrons respond to the letters, and over time the correspondence becomes increasingly intimate until George persuades her that they should marry, sight unseen. Meanwhile, Esther's heart seems to lie with the Hasidic shopkeeper from whom she buys cloth, and his heart with her, but the impossibility of the match is obvious to them both, and Esther consents to marry George. When George arrives in New York, however, he turns out not to be the man his letters painted him to be, and he absconds with Esther's savings, frittering it away on whores and liquor. Deeply wounded by the betrayal, but somehow unbroken, Esther returns to the boarding house determined to use her gifted hands and her sewing machine to refashion her dreams and make them anew from the whole cloth of her life's experiences.


Esther Shannon Hemmings 
George Armstrong  Princeton Drake 
Van Buren Sara Bond 
Mr. Marks Matt Schnitker 
Mayme Jena Alami 
Mrs. Dickson Kanika Blankenship 

Production Staff

Director Ayinde Hurrey
Assistant Director Ashleigh-Dawn Kriegh-Fleming
Scenic Design Jenna Luchkiw
Costume/Wig Design Chelsea Sorensen
Lighting Design Aileen Cleaver
Technical Director Phillip Brulotte
Stage Manager Robyn Weinlauf
Assistant Stage Manager Storm Hooten
Pianist David Kelly
Master Electrician Baron Leon
Light Board Operator Dominic Johnson
Sound Board Operator Matt Brunelle
Props Coordinator Erin Finnegan
House Manager Ashlee Ballew
Wardrobe Supervisor Kearney Starr
Dresser Esther Sanchez-Morales
Stage Crew Laura Ippolito
Scene Shop Crew Michael Baker
  Jim Eisman
  Maygan Eldridge
  Emily Merritt
  Sean Taylor
  Sam Yelverton
Paint Crew Juan Aguas
  Thompson Chestnutt
  Alex Cihanowic
  Laura Ippolito
  Dominic Johnson
  Ashleigh-Dawn Krigh-Fleming
Costume Shop Crew Nicole Castro
  Victoria Dann
  Annastasia Fiala-Gapp
  Shannon Hemmings
  Tekiria Kelly
  Josh Kolapo
  Cassie Martinez
  Pilar Rehert
  Ashley Sileo
  Kearney Starr
  Alexa Teebo
  Daniel Williams
  Nethaneel Williams
Lighting Crew Jason Choate
  Ruben Diaz
Props Crew Erin Finnegan
  Pilar Rehert
  Matty Schnitker
Scene Shop Student Staff Eric Chapman
  Zach Kuhl
  Robin Lawshe
  Jenna Luchkiw
  Johnny Marks
Costume Shop Student Staff Jac Corday
  Lisa Eash
  Kaitlyn Kerwood
  Marquez Linder
  Kristen Taylor
  Mary Tempesta
Student Staff Electricians Jessica Abney
  Aileen Cleaver
Box Office Staff Matthew Dailey
  Ashleigh Dawn Kriegh-Fleming
  Jonathan Maisel
  Nathan Smith