Synopsis: Clitandre seeks the hand of Henriette, a match heartily approved of by her father, Chrysale. However, his wife, Philaminte, has other plans for her younger daughter—namely marriage to Trissotin, a foppish wit who panders to Philaminte's intellectual pretensions. Further complications are introduced by Armande, Henriette's older sister, who once rejected Clitandre but now resents his attentions to Henriette; by Belise, Chrysale's sister, who believes (erroneously) that all men are wildly in love with her; and by Vadius, a scholar jealous of Trissotin's hold on Philaminte. Needless to say the course of true love does not run smoothly, as the pseudo-intellectual posturings of Philaminte and her coterie clash with the struggle between Chrysale and Philaminte over who shall ordain the disposition of their daughter's hand. But happily, and thanks to the maneuvering of Chrysale's brother, Ariste, all is set right in the end, with hypocrisy exposed and true love made triumphant.


Armande Melissa Foster
Henriette Sheila Mettetal
Clitandre Clayton Walden
Belise Kelly Milligan
Ariste Daniel J. Emerson
Chrysale Mark Duggar
Martine Kim Kelly
Philaminte Meagan Parker
Trissotin Nathan Simmons
Lepine Brandon Rutledge
Vadius Chris Frazier
Julien Stacy Taylor
The Notary Nick Wilson

Production Staff

Director Geoffrey S. Bleeker
Scenic Design Bethanie Wampol
Costume Design Meghan Miller
Lighting Design Kelley Finn
Wig & Makeup Design Brittany Rappise
Technical Director Katherine Pursell
Stage Manager Liz Timan
Assistant Technical Director John Rawlings
Scenic Painters Barbie Koha
  Jenna Luchkiw
Stage Run Crew Brittany Hartzer
Master Electrician Randy Paun
Light Board Operator Barbie Koha
Sound Board Operator Kyle Morrison
Props Run Crew Jason Daw
Wardrobe Supervisor Marquez Linder
Dressers Linda Barnhart
  Jessica Benitez
  Lucy Golden
  Mae Means
Wigs Lisa Eash
Laundry Christopher Sanders
Scene Shop Crew Linda Barnhart
  Kate Bollone
  Toni Bonaccorso
  Jason Daw
  Ruben Diaz
  Maygan Eldridge
  Victor Fontaine
  Jessica Hart
  Michael McCoy
  Savannah Simmerly
  Shaun Sizemore
  Kayla Stueber
  Ashley Turner
  Nethaneel Williams
  Aubrey Wollett
Costume Shop Crew Colin Cook
  Erin Finnegan
  Annie Godwin
  Chloe Gonzalez
  Emily Haggerty
  Randy Hozian
  Jordan Irvine
  Lauren Johns
  Shae Powers
  Laura Rodinelli
  Rachel Shepherd
Lighting Crew Chris Hill
  Andrew Hubbard
  Jeremy Mitchell
  Shaun Sizemore
  Josh Taylor
  Grace Thompson
Scene Shop Staff Daniel J. Emerson
  Jenna Luchkiw
  Meagan Parker
  Katherine Pursell
  John Rawlings
  Christopher Sanders
  Stacy Taylor
Costume Shop Manager Tony Sirk
Costume Shop Staff Lisa Eash
  Marquez Linder
  Meghan Miller
  Brittany Rappise
  Corey Stano
  Tara Whalen
Staff Electrician Kelley Finn
Season Art Catherine Miller
House Manager Ashley Turner
Box Office Staff Katie Cox
  Christopher Ford
  Michael McCoy
  Benjamin Smalls III