by Sophocles / Translated by Robert Fagles

Synopsis: Sophocles' timeless masterpiece offers a profound reflection on the nature of power, democracy and human rights.The war has ended, but with peace comes conflict. Antigone's brother Polyneices lies on the battlefield where he fell, his burial outlawed by Creon, the new king of Thebes. Should Antigone obey Creon, or must she follow her conscience and lay her beloved brother to rest?


Eurydice/Chorus Julie Anton
Ismene Laney Camferdam
Creon Alex Dagg
Tiresias/Chorus Serjevah Davis
Messenger/Chorus R.J. Hunt
Haemon Matt Knabe
Antigone Sheila Mettetal
Sentry/Chorus Andrew Pascoe

Production Staff

Director Geoffrey Bleeker
Scenic & Lighting Design Charles Houghton
Costume Design Heidi Warriner
Sound Design Geoffrey Bleeker
Stage Manager Ashley Elliot
Assistant Stage Manager Tammy Mills
Scenic Charge Artist Will O'Donnell
Wardrobe Supervisor Tracy Baldwin
Laundry Lorelei Sandberg
Master Electrician Toni Weaver
Lightboard Operator Barbara Martinez
Soundboard Operator Tristian Luysterberg
Stage Crew/Props Victor Aminger
Scene Shopp Staff Katherin Anderson
  Heath Carroll
  Alex Dagg
  R.J. Hunt
  Will O'Donnell
  Jesse Williams
  Christopher Thies-Lotito
Costume Shop Staff Tracy Baldwin
  Barbara Martinez
  Meghan Miller
  Stevie Neale
  Lynsey Price
  Heidi Warriner