An Enemy of the People

by Henrik Ibsen / Adapted by Arthur Miller

Synopsis: A small Norwegian town has just begun to win fame and wealth through its medicinal spring waters. Dr. Stockmann, resident physician in charge, discovers that the waters are poisoned. On receiving proof of this, he immediately reports to his associates, but is shocked to find that instead of being thanked, he is looked upon as a dangerous crank, motivated by a desire to prove that his fellow townsmen are wrong, and to bring ruin upon them. As the people who run the local paper do their utmost to urge secrecy and compromise, the determined doctor realizes that the honesty and idealism he has counted upon to make the truth prevail, simply does not exist in the face of selfish "practical" interests. The press will not report his findings; the officials refuse to give him a hearing; he loses his position and the townspeople boycott him; and every weapon of blackmail, slander, and eviction are brought against his family. At the end, the townspeople, gathered around the doctor's home, throw stones through the windows. Stockmann addresses his family: "But remember now, everybody, you are fighting for the truth and that is why you're alone. And that makes you strong."


Billing Jason Lucas
Morten Kiil Jim Towers
Catherine Stockmann Angela Rajkovich
Peter Stockmann Nate Joyner
Hovstad Brian Kuczynski
Dr. Thomas Stockmann Matthew Myers
Captain Horster Ralph Woosley
Ejlif Stockmann David Jones
Petra Stockmann Sarah Jo Sever
Aslaksen Benjamin Morris
The Drunk Sean Samples
Townspeople Heather Adams
  Sarah Farmer
  Rebecca Gross
  Patrick Johnson
  Sandra Moore
  Anna-Claire Reynolds
  Jacob Richardson
  Ben Romero
  Michael Smith


Production Staff

Director Ronald Roston
Stage Manager Nancy Phillips
Deck Manager Andrea Boccanfuso
Scene Designer Peter B. Young
Lighting Designer Andrea Boccanfuso
Costume Designer Martin Hamburg
Technical Director Peter B. Young
Props Master Irene Hansell
Assistant Technical Directors Nancy Phillips
  Andrea Boccanfuso
Light Board Operator Karen Pollack
Sound Board Operator Terri Van Ess
Scenic Painting Peter B. Young
  Brian Kuczynski
  Nancy Phillips
  Stevie Powell
Master Electricians Jacob Richardson
  David Sousa
Sound Assistant Benjamin Morris
Costume Assistants Seth Pierce
  Bella Spotts
  Terri Van Ess
  Rebecca Gross
House Managers April Lister
  Charnette Messe
Poster & Graphic Design Joy Ward
Tickets Pat Smith