The Cherry Orchard

by Anton Chekhov

Synopsis: Anton Chekhov was a master whose daring work revolutionized theatre. In The Cherry Orchard, his last full-length play, an impoverished landowning family is unable to face the fact that their estate is about to be auctioned off. Lopakhin, a local merchant, presents numerous options to save it, including cutting down their prized cherry orchard. But the family is stricken with denial. The Cherry Orchard charts the precipitous descent of a wealthy family and in the process creates a bold meditation on social change and bourgeois materialism.


Lopakhin Carter Bechtol
Dunyasha Jennifer Waters
Epihodoff Don Odom
Fiers William Fairchild
Ranevskaya Pat Simmons
Anya Andrea Boccanfuso
Charlotta Ivanovna Irene Hansell
Varya Leslie Lee
Gayeff Keith Prendergast
Semyonoff-Pishtchik Sam Beard
Yasha Phillip Barnhart
Trofimoff Kevin Blackwelder
A Stranger Patrick Johnson
The Station Master Regan Fish
The Postal Clerk Ben Morris


Production Staff

Director Yolanda Reed
Scene & Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Costume Designer Patsy Rainey
Technical Director Buddy Taylor
Stage Manager Nancy Phillips
Assistant Director Linda May
Master Carpenter Buddy Taylor
Light Board Operator Matt Colburger
Sound Operator Eric Brooks
Props Melissa Williamson
  Linda May
House Managers Diane Beasley
  Lillian Cassidy
  Charnette Messe
Poster Designer Nancy Miller
Tickets Pat Smith