Come and Go

Synopsis: Three similar figures of "indeterminable"age, Flo, Vi, and Ru, sit quietly on a narrow bench, surrounded by darkness. The three characters wear once-colorful full-length coats, dulled over time. When together they make uneasy small talk. As characters leave the space, one at a time, in turn, all three women at one point occupy the central position and all become privy to a secret about one of the others.

The characters of FLO, VI, RU, sitting side-by-side on a bench portrayed by:

Nicole Bennett
Paula Thompson
Christine Kelly
Kathy Mundell
Michel Kvartek


Synopsis: This brief piece charts a woman's journey back into life before she arrives at death.

A woman in a rocking chair with her recorded voice portrayed by:

Patricia Simmons


Synopsis: In three urns side by side are encased two women and a man. The style is brilliantly abstract, ranging from choruses of existential oblivion to ruminations and reiterations of a common experience that ended unhappily for a man, his wife and his mistress.


Man Waylon Wood
Woman 1 Mary Berry
Woman 2 Carla Wood



Synopsis: A pinnacle of Beckett’s characteristic raw minimalism, Endgame is a pure and devastating distillation of the human essence in the face of approaching death.  Endgame, originally written in French and translated into English by Beckett himself, is considered by many critics to be his greatest single work.


Clov Scott Winn
Hamm Steve Crossett
Nagg Bill Molloy
Nell Stacey Albaugh

Production Staff for All Shows

Director Yolanda Reed
Scene & Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Costume Designer Nancy Pickering
Technical Director Judy Levi
Assistant Director Waylon Wood
Stage Manager Judy Levi
Lighting Control Jennifer de la Paz
Sound Control James Pettis
  Michael Snyder
Makeup Nancy Pickering
House Manager Judy DeBolt
Poster Design Nancy Miller