What the Butler Saw

by Joe Orton

Synopsis: Dr. Prentice, a psychiatric doctor in an exclusive, private clinic, is attempting to interview (and seduce) an attractive would-be secretary, Geraldine. Unwttingly surprised by his wife, he hides the girl. The affairs multiply as Mrs. Prentice, being seduced and blackmailed by young bellhop Nicholas Beckett, has promised him the secretarial post. When a government inspector arrives, chaos, underpants and cross-dressing lead the charge. The final tableau reveals "the missing parts of Winston Churchill" held aloft as the curtain falls.


Dr. Prentice Ted Ryle
Geraldine Barclay Joshilyn Jackson
Mrs. Prentice Carla Wood
Nicholas Beckett Scott Winn
Dr. Rance Fred Baldwin
Sergeant Match William Fairchild


Production Staff

Director Michael McKee
Scene Design David Maysonet
Costume Design Nancy Pickering
Lighting Design Peter B. Young
Technical Director David Maysonet
Stage Manager James Pettis
Assistants to the Director James Pettis
  Stacey Bush
Property Mistress Terri Devine
Lighting Control Patricia Simmons
Sound Control Terri Devine
Production Assistants Michael Evans
  Morris Jarmon
  Steve Andrews
Costume Assistants Stacey Bush
  Maria Hamorski
  Susan Karl
  Alicia Rodwell
  Maude Smith
Dressers Mary Berry
  Heidi Workman
House Manager Judy DeBolt
Poster Design Nancy Miller