Top Girls

by Caryl Churchill

Synopsis: Marlene has been promoted to managing director of a London employment agency and is celebrating. The symbolic luncheon is attended by women in legend or history who offer perspectives on maternity and ambition. In a time warp, these ladies are also her co-workers, clients, and relatives. Marlene, like her famous guests, has had to pay a price to ascend from proletarian roots to the executive suite: she has become, figuratively speaking, a male oppressor and even coaches female clients on adopting odious male traits. Marlene has also abandoned her illegitimate and dull witted daughter. Her emotional and sexual life has become as barren as Lady Macbeth's.


Marlene Joshilyn Jackson
Waitress, Jeanine, Nell Stacey Bush
Isabella Bird, Joyce, Mrs. Kidd Patricia Simmons
Lady Nijo, Win Heidi Workman
Dull Gret, Angie Amy Bruner
Pope Joan, Louise Diane Paules
Patient Griselda, Kit, Shona Angie Hatcher


Production Staff

Director Yolanda Reed
Scene & Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Costume Designer Nancy A. Pickering
Technical Director David Maysonet
Assistant Director K.C. Soule
Stage Manager Scarlett Bowen
Properties Manager Fred Baldwin
Master Carpenter Michael Evans
Master Electrician James Pettis
Light Board Operator James Pettis
Sound Operator K.C. Soule
Costume Construction Assistant Jessie Richardson
Properties Assistant Andy Mann
Poster Design Nancy Miller
Photography Tom Carter
House Manager Judy DeBolt