Six Characters in Search of an Author

by Luigi Pirandello

Directed by Laura Waltrip


Father George Penton
Manager David Lobman
Actors Wade Wasserman
  Beth Waltrip


Production Staff

Lighting Carol Womack
  Liz Watkins

The Bear

by Anton Chekhov

Directed by Eric Kleinfeld


Luka George Penton
Popova Stacey Schwab
Smirnov Todd Hillier


Production Staff

Lighting Sean Donahue

Mary, Mary

by Jean Kerr

Directed by Carol Lege


Mary D. Auriette Hahn
Dirk Wade Wasserman


Production Staff

Lighting Brian Whetstone

Death of a Salesman

by Arthur Miller

Directed by George Penton


Miss Francis J.L. Morgan
Willy Loman Todd A. Hillier
Biff Loman Eric Kleinfeld


Production Staff

Lighting Steve Gordon
  Ric Hughes

The Secret of Winning the Old Maid's Card Game

by Linda Morgan

Directed by Linda Morgan


Constance D. Auriette Hahn


Production Staff

Lighting James E. Thornber

The Gingerbread Lady

by Neil Simon

Directed by Beth Waltrip


Evy Carol Lege
Polly Laura Waltrip


Production Staff

Lighting Keith Crook
  Eric Kleinfeld

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Yung Fan Chiu


Brick Wade Wasserman
Big Daddy MacDowell Blue


Production Staff

Lighting Sandra M. Harris
  Jim Taylor

Production Staff for Showcase

Stage Manager Chris McFarland
Light Board Operator Karen Streeter
Advisors Peter B. Young
  Yolanda Reed
  Dave Maysonet
Chairman Tom Long
Theatre Secretary Mimi Yoder
Theatre Technical Director Mikhail Gaffner
Theatre Costumer Stephanie Mathis