The Corn is Green

by Emlyn Williams

Synopsis: Miss Moffat settles in a Welsh mining village where she starts a school for the boys of the neighborhood. Morgan Evans shows promise, and Miss Moffat determines to do everything possible for him. Against the prejudice of local folk and the wealthy squire, she manages to make good, and in Morgan she finds a young man who will go far. She at last persuades the squire to lend his support, and she prepares the boy to apply for a scholarship to Oxford. Morgan, however, rebels against help from a woman and temporarily succumbs to the charm of a flashy girl. His mistaken sense of obligation nearly ruins his chances of success, and Miss Moffat realizes that her interest in him has become too absorbing. However, her affection for him, her courage and wisdom in the end, bring her victory. Morgan wins the scholarship, and Miss Moffat's work comes to a happy conclusion.


John Goronwy Jones Michael Turner
Miss Ronberry Beth Anne Moody
Idwal Morris Brian Karlasch
Sarah Pugh Judith Warthen
A Groom George Spelvin
The Squire Warren McElveen
Mrs. Watty Eleanor Lukitsch
Bessie Watty Michelle McGee
Miss Moffat Trish Van Devere
Robbart Robbatch John Sweet
Morgan Evans Jim Farrell
Glyn Thomas Peter Delevett
John Owen Mark Rivard
Will Hughes Steve Grossman
Old Tom Tim Meyers
Boys, Girls & Parents Julie Dees
  Amy Delevett
  Anne Hunter
  Jim Kay
  Cindy McLaughlin
  Shannon Murphy
  Linda Phillips
  Kay Pinnix
  Tammie Schmidt


Production Staff


Tom Long & Andrew Rogers

Scene Design Peter B. Young
Makeup Louis Armour
Lighting Design Mark Wolverton
Wardrobe Ray Hillyer
Technical Director Jim Kay
Voice & Dialect Coach Gillian Clause
Stage Manager Kathy Griggs
Promotion Manager Gracie Santiago
Master Carpenter Michael Turner
Master Electrician Dan Thompson
Sound Control MacDowell Blue
Lighting Control Doug Lee
Property Mistress Judy Warthen
Property Crew MacDowell Blue
  Heidi Schuler
  Eleanor Lukitsch
  Michelle McGee
  Kathy Griggs
Production Assistants Jim Farrell
  Shelly Guessford
  Dan Thompson
  John Sweet
  Anne Hunter
  Joe Peeples
Costume Head Sis Taylor
Costume Crew MacDowell Blue
  Anne Hunter
  Eleanor Lukitsch
  Dan Thompson
  Judy Warthen
Wardrobe Assistants & Dressers Patricia Jarrell
  Kaaren Shrine