The Cocktail Party

by T.S. Eliot

Synopsis: This portrait of the age of anxiety in modern life searches the shadows of the soul that lie beneath the surface of human hearts and minds. In blank verse, poet and playwright T.S. Eliot portrays a society devoid of connection as "an undentified guest" appears at a cocktail party in the home of a man and wife who have fallen out of love with each other and their life of indulgent complacency.


Alexander Maccolgie Gibbs Tim Brantley
Julia Shuttlethwaite Skeeter Thomas
Peter Quilpe Chris De Barr
Celia Coplestone Susan Jackson
An Unidentified Guest Keith Fox
Edward Chamerlayne Michael Turner
Lavinia Chamberlayne Mary Leitch
Nurse/Secretary Millie Fisher
Caterer's Aide Linda Hamel


Production Staff

Director Gillian Clause
Set & Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Technical Director James Kay
Assistant Director Cheri Catalano
Stage Manager Millie Fisher
Costumes Gillian Clause
Light Board Operator Vicki Jacobsen
Sound Operator Susan Flake
Set Construction Greg Mims
  Jim Kay
  Keith Fox
Scene Painting Greg Mims
  Cheri Catalano
  Jim Kay
Shift Crew Macdowell Blue
  Grace Kavanagh
  Meredith Sims
  Jim Kay
Prop Crew Susan Jackson
  Vicki Jacobsen
Lighting Crew Chris De Barr
  Greg Mims
Wardrobe Carla Wyatt
  Millie Fisher
House Managers Angie Bell
  Beegee Lank
Technical Assistance Technical Theatre Class