The Three Musketeers

by Peter Raby / Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas

Synopsis: Everyone is familiar with the renowned adventures of D'Artagnan and his three fellow musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, as they fight for king and country—with frequent detours involving wine, women and song. The entire panoply of action is captured here with brilliant inventiveness and theatricality: the devious trickery of Cardinal Richelieu and Milady de Winter; the sad plight of the beauteous Constance Bonacieux; attempted assassinations; plots and counterplots; and the final triumph of virtue over the forces of evil.


D'Artagnan Stephen Castellani
Porthos David Westcott
Aramis Robert Montgomery III
Athos Steve A. Dari
M. de Treville Stan Garman
Planchet Rick Kelley
Grimaud Jeffrey A. Wright
Louis XIII, King of France Chris Halonen
Anne of Austria, Queen of France Gloria Jenson
Donna Estafania Carol Gelakoski
Laporte Roy Bertram
Constance Bonacieux Kim Jaudon
Duke of Buckingham Darrell Sours
Armsby John Hunt
Patrick Kurt Kohanowich
Felton David Matthews
A Lord Mike Dean
Lord de Winter MacDowell Blue
Cardinal Richelieu Frank Calhoun
Milday de Winter Nan Wells
Comte de Rochefort Gregory W. Mims
Kitty Amy L. Saddlemire
Comte de Wardes Albert Blue
Bicaret Steve Weeks
Jussac David J. Edwards
Mme, de Chevreuse Barbara March
A Lady Joyce Kelly
D'Artagnan's Father Kal Ruppel
D'Artagnan's Mother Cheryl Ann Catalano
D'Artagnan's Nurse Kelly Douglas
Landlady Crevecouer Margie Flunker
The Stranger Albert Blue
The Innkeeper Stan Garman
The Sergeant Major David J. Edwards
O'Reilly MacDowell Blue
Abbess Barbara Marsh
The Sea Captain & Executioner Kal Ruppel
Brisemont, a Bandit John Hunt
Surgeon Darrell Sours
Cure Jerry Kelley
Jesuit Kal Ruppel
Beggar Kurt Kohanowich


Production Staff

Director Tom Long
Stage Manager Barbara Marsh
Master Electrician Roy Bertram
Lighting Assistants Duke Christian
  Greg Smith
  Wally Story
Master Carpenter Tom Muir
Production Assistants Nancy Greenstein
  Marcia Herring
  Stan Garman
  Kurt Kohanowich
  Susan Jackson
Properties Cheri Catalano
  Margie Flunker
Light Board Operator Marsha Herring
Sound Operator Greg Mims
Costume Construction Stephanie Hawks
  Carla Wyatt
  Linda Hamel
  Alice Patterson
  Kim Jaudon
  Nan Wells
  Allen Whitehead
  Gloria Jenson
  Mrs. Blue
  Margie Flunker
House Managers Alice Peterson
  Jeanne Carver
  Keith Fox