Toys in the Attic

by Lillian Hellman

Synopsis: Two sisters living together in a small southern town dream of touring Europe one day—but their plans are continually thwarted by the need to bail their ne'er-do-well brother out of a series of misfortunes. They are surprised then, and even oddly distressed, when the brother suddenly turns up with a large sum of money, enough to pay off the mortgage on the family homestead and to send his sisters on their grand tour. As it happens, however, the brother's good fortune stems from a plot devised by the spiteful wife of a local millionaire, and when the brother's wife discovers this, and jealously tells all, the scheme is shattered and the brother savagely beaten. In the end the sisters regain the dependence of their brother—but at a price far greater than they would have willingly chosen to pay.


Anna Berniers Barbara Marsh
Carrie Berniers Alice Sherman Patterson
Gus Alvin Walker
Albert Prine Nan Wells
Henry Simpson Terry Allen Jones
Taxi Driver Roy Bertram
Julian Berniers Darrell Clark Sours
Lily Berniers Stephanie Hawks
Two Moving Men Jim Kay
  Michael Turner


Production Staff

Director Yolanda Reed
Scene Designer Robert Steele
Costume Designer Stephanie Hawks
Lighting Designer Michael Turner
Assistant Director Roy Bertram
Stage Manager James Michael Kay
House Manager Diane Molitaris
Project Assistant Monica Moore
Props Master Greg Frye
Sound & Lighting Control Dan Thompson
Sound Recording Instructional Media Center
Lights Roy Bertram
  Michael Turner
Carpenter Dwight Beebe
Props Rhonda Butler
  Alice Patterson
  Susan Jackson
  Terry Jones
  Michael Turner
  Diane Molitaris
Costumes Stephanie Hawks
  Diane Molitaris
  Cathy Molitaris
Construction Jim Kay
  Robert Steele
  Greg Frye
  Dwight Beebe
Makeup Nan Wells
Wardrobe Barbara Marsh
  Roy Bertram
Company Photographs Tom Carter
Publicity Designs Nancy Brown