The Feast

by Daniel Wright

Directed by Janis Dickinson


Blue Jeans Chris Garver
Old Man Joe Lord
Angry Young Man Terry Jones
Elf with Champagne Chris Garver
Drowsy Cellist Chris Garver
Director Tony Watson
Stage Crew Members Don Pippin
  Curtis Fisher

The Ugly Duckling

by A.A. Milene

Directed by Linda Kubitz


King Jerry Longe
Queen Rebecca Castle
Prince Larry Kerr
Princess Mary Collins
Chancellor Hunt Scarritt
Dulcibella Candy Stein
Carlo Ricky Samala

The Hairy Falsetto

by J.I. Rodale

Directed by Stanley Garman


Wolf Eric Grimm
Judge Jim Kay
Grandma Luade Sherman
Little Red Denise Balthrop
District Attorney David Rudolph

Hands Across the Sea

by Noel Coward

Directed by Brenda Poucher


Lady Maureen Gilpin (Piggie) Anthea Amos
Commander Peter Gilpin, R.N. Chris Garver
Lieut. Commander Alastair, R.N. Gary Rogers
Mrs. Wadhurst Candace Stein
Mr. Wadhurst B.J. Murphy
Mr. Burnham Chris McCartney
The Hon. Clare Wedderbum Betsy Hull
Major Gosling (Bogey) Hunt Scarritt
Walters Denise Balthrop


by Israel Horovitz

Directed by Anthea Amos


Jebbie Stephen K. Butler
Bobby Larry Kerr
Baby Lisa Butcher

Miss Julie

by August Strindberg

Directed by David Westcott


Miss Julie Meghan Jones
Jean, father's valet Jerry Longe
Christine, father's cook Lu Sherman

The Great American Desert

by Joel Oppenheimer

Directed by Jim Kay


The Old Cowboy Tim Webb
Gunny David Matthews
The Young Cowboy Stan Garman
The Whore Rebecca Castle
The Baker's Beautiful Daughter Barbara Elebash
The Banker Robert "Chris" Fishburn
The Sheriff Henry Trostle
Wyatt Earp Skip Delo
Wild Bill Hickok David Westcott
Billy the Kid Stephen Angeline
Doc Holliday David Treweek