The Rivals

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan


Synopsis: This is the splendidly witty drawing room comedy that gave the world the immortal Mrs. Malaprop.


Sir Anthony Absolute David Hart
Captain Absolute Keith Wakeman
Faulkland Marc Petersen
Bob Acres Gerald Longe
Sir Lucius O'Trigger Mr. Mansur
Fag Stuart Byham
David Mr. Beasley
Thomas Jerry O'Laughlin
Mrs. Malaprop Monica Snyder
Lydia Languish Carolyn Mayhall
Julia Melville Valerie Snyder
Lucy Carla McGrath
Servants Jerry O'Laughlin
  Mona Levine
  Bruce Smock
  Miss Hoffman
  Mr. Whiteway


Production Staff

Director Roger T. Danforth
Scenic & Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Costume Designer Dolores Moore
Technical Director Peter Young
Stage Manager Gwen Miller
Sound Master & Operator Lee Roberts
Master Electrician Keith Wakeman
Assistant Electricians Jean Ehrhart
  Bruce Smock
Lighting Operator Jean Ehrhart
Property Master Kay Wielder
House Manager Clay Davis