The House of Blue Leaves

by John Guare


Synopsis: Artie Shaugnessy is a songwriter with visions of glory. Toiling by day as a zoo-keeper, he suffers in seedy lounges by night, plying his wares at piano bars in Queens, New York where he lives with his wife, Bananas. Who is. Much to the chagrin of Artie's downstairs mistress, Bunny Flingus who'll sleep with him anytime but refuses to cook until they are married. On the day the Pope is making his first visit to the city, Artie's son Ronny goes AWOL from Fort Dix stowing a home made-bomb intended to blow up the Pope in Yankee Stadium. Also arriving are Artie's old school chum, now a successful Hollywood producer, Billy Einhorn with starlet girlfriend in tow, who holds the key to Artie's dreams of getting out of Queens and away from the life he so despises. But like many dreams, this promise of glory evaporates amid the chaos of ordinary lives.


Artie Shaughnessy Stuart Byham
Ronnie Shaughnessy Gerald Longe
Bunny Flingus Janet Masker
Corrinna Stroller Mona Levine
Head Nun Monica Snyder
Second Nun Diane Sipala
Little Nun Nancy L. Brady
The M.P. Bob Ray
The Man in White David Thorn
Billy Einhorn David Hart


Production Staff

Director Roger T. Danforth
Scenic & Lighting Designer Peter B. Young
Costume Designer Jean Druesedow
Technical Director Peter B. Young
Stage Manager Gwen Miller
Assistant Stage Manager Gerald Longe
Master Carpenter David Hart
Senior Technician Gerald Longe
Property Managers Mona Levine
  Larry Spann
Property Gatherers Carolyn Marshall
  Larry Spann
  Kay Wielder
Sound/Video Master & Operator Clay Davis
Head Electrician Gerald Longe
Assistant Electricians Nancy Brady
  Carla McGrath
Light Board Operator Carla McGrath
Costume Assistant Marion Hedgepath
House Manager Bruce Claggett Smock