The Devils

by John Whiting
Based on a book by Aldous Huxley


Synopsis: In 17th century France, a worldly priest has a special attraction for the ladies especially for a psychotic prioress whom he spurns. She avenges herself by feigning diabolical possession by his incubus. The hysteria becomes widespread. Meantime, he is guilty of outrages against several prominent women and the cry against him grows. The antagonism of Richlieu ends the clamor of the convent, forces him to trial, torture and eventual death at the stake.


A Sewerman Dorain Stokes
Mannoury Edward Ciolfi
Adam Rand Robinette
Ninon Terri Solomon
Jean D'Armagnac Phil Carracher
De Cerisay James C. Holler III
Father Urbain Grandier Buddy Brown
Louis Trincant Terrence Jones
De La Rochepozay John Barrow
Father Barre John Averyt
Phillipe Amber Smith
Sister Jeanne of the Angels Nelda Taylor
Louis XIII Robert L. Cotharin
Cardinal Richelieu J.O. Zachow
Delaurbardemont Edward Douglas
Sister Claire of St. John Ann Griffith
Sister Louise of Jesus Barbara Langford
Sister Gabrielle of the Incarnation Alita Gabler
Father Mignon Thomas Moody
Prince Henri De Conde Larry Grecu
Captain #1 Al Hensel
Captain #2 Mike Murphy
Citizens, Soldiers, Monks, Acolytes & Pages John Barrow
  Robert Cotharin
  Larry Grecu
  Alain Hebert
  Terrence Jones
  Paul Leavesley
  Wendy Loveland
  Thomas Moody
  Mike Murphy
  Amber Smith
  Terri Solomon


Creative Team

Director Cliff Goodwin
Assistant Director Wendy Loveland
Scenic Designer Jon Thornton
Stage Manager Barbara Langford
Electricaians Ed Ciolfi
  John Averyt
Board Captain Priscilla Cooper
Assistant Board Captain Bette Scheuerman
Property Manager Dorian Stokes
Costumes Terri Solomon
Sound Amy Furnans
Paint & Construction James Holler
  Alita Gabler
  Amber Smith
  Amy Furnans
  Priscilla Cooper
  Mike Murphy
  Phill Carracher
  John Averyt
Makeup Phill Carracher
  Ed Douglas
  Kerin Ashley
House Manager Phyllis Bennett
Ushers LIBRA