The Cave Dwellers

by William Saroyan


Synopsis: The Cave Dwellers explores the adventures of some homeless people who are camping out on the stage of an abandoned theatre that is about to be pulled down for a housing project. One who calls herself "the Queen' is the ruin of a former actress. "The King' used to be a celebrated clown. "The Duke' was once a prizefight champion. "The Girl' (she is too young to have been famous at anything) is a homeless, frightened wretch who comes in off the streets. Although food is scarce and the cold is congealing, the characters have glowing spirits and wonderful memories of their triumphant days.


The Duke Alan Hensel
The Girl Kathy Kirby
The Queen Nelda Taylor
The King Cliff Goodwin
The Young Opponent Dove Ernst
A Woman With A Dog Barbara Macon
The Young Queen Rachel Colcord
The Father Steve Sheetz
Gorky J.C. Holler III
The Mother Alita Gabler
The Silent Boy Steve Kilhefner
The Wrecking Crew Boss Charles Ferrell
Jamie David Beavers


Production Staff

Director Cliff Goodwin
Assistant Director Walter CLine
Technical Designer Jonne C. Thornton
Stage Manager Edward Douglas
Assistant Stage Manager J.C. Holler III
Electrician J.C. Holler III
Lighting John Barrow
  Priscilla Cooper
Sound David Beavers
Set Construction Steve Kilhefner
  Kurt Birdwhistell
  James Rester
Set Decoration Larry Bolinger
  Richard Taylor
Props Betty Greene
  Charles Ferrell
  Alan Comerford
Costumes Rachel Colcord
  Dove Ernst
  Barbara Macon
Makeup Charles Ferrell
Hosue Manager Judy Bedell