A Flea In Her Hair

by George Feydeau
Translated by Tice L. Miller


Synopsis: Camille suspects her husband, Chanel, of infidelity and she turns to her best friend, Lucienne, to help her gain proof. They concoct a play-based on a perfumed letter-to trap him at the Hotel Coq d'Or in Montretout. In true Feydeau fashion the plan misfires; the plot is complicated by confused identities, revolving beds, a great many doors and the fact that the stupid hotel porter, Poche, is the exact double of Chandel.



Camille John Barrow
Antoinette Wini Wanek
Etienne J.O. Zachow
Finache Stan Dean
Lucienne Barbara Haraka
Yvonne Cherie Shuck
Chandel Bob Bell
Tournel Donovon Sylvest
Don Carlos Brian Winfield
Ferraillon Mike Murphy
Eugenie Kathy Kirby
Olympia Amy Furnans
Baptistin Ricky Cotton
Rugby James Burgin
Poche Bob Bell



Creative Team

Director Tice L. Miller
Assistant Director Rick Lillis
Scenic Designer George W. Loudon
Stage Manager Sheryl Hughes
University Theatre Manager J.O. Zachow
University Theatre Shop Assistant Narcisco Escobar
Construction Head Gary Hacking
Lighting Designer Nelda Taylor
Costume Designer Judy Bedell
Makeup Designer Amy Furnans
Property Manager Donna Elwell
House Manager Marie Fuller
Sound Mike Montalvo