The Emperor's New Clothes

by Charlotte Chorpenning


Synopsis: The Emperor of China cares for nothing but clothes. The minister of the robes plays on this weakness to rob the royal weavers and persecute the Empress. Two rogues convince the Emperor they can weave a cloth which cannot be seen by anyone unfit for the position he holds. Everyone is afraid to confess that he cannot see the new clothes the Emperor orders. The resulting comic situations enable the rogues to save the Empress and the weavers and expose the villainy of the minister. The Emperor proudly walks in procession clad in nothing but a straight little shirt to show his people the glory of his new clothes.



Zar Kathy Kirby
Zan Laurie Blue
Han Jeff Caswell
Imperial General Alvin Walker
Tsein Doreen Pepper
Mong Sheryl Hughes
Ling Gene Orlando
Fah Cindy Cummins
Emperor Steve Rowell
Empress Barbara Mock
Gong Boy David Blue
Gong Boy Ken Kay
Tsein's Honorable Child Meredith Bragaw
Imperial Bodyguard Zemp Pepper
Imperial Bodyguard David Williams
Imperial Court Maiden Paula Walker
Imperial Court Maiden Kris Curtis
Imperial Court Maiden Margaret Conroy
Imperial Court Maiden Rene Hulson
Imperial Court Maiden Trenia Burch


Creative Team

Director Tice L. Miller
Assistant Director Connie Marse
Set Design George Louden
Technical Director Cortland F. Raby
Stage Manager Peggy Hess
Assistant Stage Manager Mrs. Christopher Davis
Assistant Stage Manager Dorothy Coffey
Theatre Manager Bette Sheuerman
Lighting Designer Barbara Langford
Property Manager Susan Lichtenwalter
Sound John Barrow
Costume Designer Miriam Aldridge
Costume Designer Cynthia Dickson
Makeup Designer Sheryl Hughes
Makeup Designer Kathy Kirby