Returning Students

Readmission is an easy process for undergraduate students who previously attended UWF. Welcome back home!

Enrolled Fall 2012 or After?

Readmission and Excess Hour Surcharge 

Students who break continuous enrollment after fall 2012 by not enrolling for two consecutive semesters and not registering for the third consecutive semester before the first day of that term will, upon their return to the University, be subject to the 110% credit hour threshold and 100% surcharge. According to Section 1009.286, Florida Statutes, these students are eligible for the Excess Hours Surcharge. Learn more about Excess Hour Surcharge.

A.A. Forgiveness and Excess Hour Surcharge

The A.A. Forgiveness Policy (AA Forgiveness form .pdf) does not exclude attempted credit hours from the Excess Hour Surcharge. All courses attempted at UWF before transferring to another Florida Public Institution for A.A. degree completion and all credit hours transferred back to UWF, included in the A.A. degree, will count as attempted hours. Learn more about Excess Hour Surcharge.

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