Estimated Annual Direct Costs

More than $99 million in UWF grants, scholarships and loans were awarded in 2015-2016. To receive the tuition rates listed below, students must verify their residency.

Direct Cost Worksheet

2016-2017 Estimated Annual Direct Cost

Direct CostsFlorida ResidentAlabama ResidentNon-FL Resident
$ per credit hour ($212) ($317) ($642)
Tuition* $6,360 $9,510 $19,260
Housing** $5,800 $5,800 $5,800
Meals*** $3,780 $3,780 $3,780
Total Est. Cost $15,940 $19,090 $28,840

*30 credit hours of Tuition & Fees: 1 year / 2 or 3 semesters
**Double occupancy: Fall & Spring in Pace, Argo, or Martin Hall
***12 meals per week plus $300 Argo "Food" Bucks: Fall & Spring


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