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Transfer Students

Information for Transfer Students interested in a Medical Laboratory Sciences degree

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Frequently Asked Questions for Community College Students


What does a Medical Lab Scientist do?

Medical laboratory scientists examine and analyze blood, body fluids, tissues, and cells. They perform routine to complex chemical, biological, hematological, immunologic, microscopic and microbial tests, so they are required to have a strong background in biology, chemistry and medicine. In today's medical laboratory, a MLS is responsible not only for fast and accurate performance of lab tests, but also for quality control, quality assurance, clinical relevance, infection control, cost effectiveness, revenue generation, and management of human resources.

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What courses should I take to be ready for the Medical Lab Sciences Program?

A Medical Lab Sciences (MLS) degree is very similar to a Pre-Med degree. Pensacola State College has a degree called Pre-MLS, which prepares you to start as a junior at UWF. Gulf Coast Community College calls its degree Pre-Medical Technology. See the listing below for specific pre-requisites at individual schools. If your school doesn't list either program, call (850) 474-3060 for specifics.

Pre-requisite Coursework

I'm done with my first year at community college, and I just found out about MLS. Is it too late?

It's not too late, but you might be delayed. Make an appointment with an academic advisor or the department Chair at your community college. You can also call the UWF MLS program - (850) 474-3060 for a personal degree plan.

Is there a charge to meet with a UWF advisor while I'm a student at a community college?

No. We're glad to meet you.

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My community college doesn't have a pre-MLS degree. Now what?

Phone (850) 474-3060 to make an appointment for a degree plan. We'll custom design it based on your Florida Community College offerings.

Do I have to complete my Associate Degree before applying to UWF?

Actually you don't. Many students enroll at UWF before they complete their AA.

I already have by Associate Degree. Can I still take pre-reqs at community college?

Yes. And you can take community college courses while you are a UWF student. You need to complete a Transient Student Form, and discuss the options with your advisor.

I'd like to talk to some of your students. Is there a student organization?

The Medical Technology Student Association has a Facebook page. Click here and join Facebook, and search groups for Medical Technology.

Are there jobs out there for graduates?

There is a shortage of qualified Medical Lab Scientists in the workforce. And the nearest Florida MLS School is in Jacksonville. Would you like employers calling you? Our grads are in demand nationwide.

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Will there be a seat for me?

We can accommodate 30-40 students in each graduating class. Don't delay in applying. Register early.

How long will it take to graduate?

If you have taken all of the Pre-CLS courses, you will have 2 more years, going Fall, Spring and Summer semesters both years before graduation.