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MLS as a Second Degree

Required courses and other information for students who already have a degree

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Approximately a third of our students already have a Bachelors or Masters degree, most likely in Biology or Chemistry. Usually these students can satisfy the pre-requisite coursework while they are completing the MLS program. The advisor will make a special degree plan for the applicant to address deficiencies.

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The lower division classes that are required are General Biology I and Anatomy & Physiology I & II, General Chemistry I & II and Organic Chemistry I & II.  The upper division classes that we require are

  • Genetics/Lab
  • Biochemistry/Lab
  • General Microbiology/Lab
  • Pathophysiology

Call 850-474-3060 to talk to an advisor, and be prepared to email or fax your transcripts for evaluation. For the consultation, an unofficial transcript will suffice. Email is, and the fax number is (850) 474-2749.

We’ll add this – we LOVE our post baccalaureate students. The median age for a MLS senior is 26 years old. Students working on a second bachelor’s are usually eligible for Financial Aid.