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Haas Center’s Mission: we support communities with market research, workforce development, and industrial innovation.

We’re known for the breadth and depth of our data resources and have been for 25 years. We provide textured, meaningful analysis to an array of customers from the public and non-profit sectors to private industry, including manufacturing. Immersive public laboratories, like Sea3D in Pensacola’s Historic District, showcase what is possible when creative minds intersect with business and workforce partners.

Our market research covers a variety of topics, including economic impact studies, consumer and visitor profiles, as well as research on talent gaps. Our researchers and performance advisors collaborate to bring objective and reliable information to all customers. 

A partnership with FloridaMakes allows us to advance manufacturing by collaborating with business leaders, scientists, and consultants. The unique teaming of these experts boosts the productivity and financial outcomes for those who aim to make more in Florida. The National Institute of Standards and Technology evaluates the success of the manufacturers we support in the central time zone. In just 21 months, 40 businesses have reported more than $118 million in direct impact to their bottom line. The addition of manufacturing to the Haas Center’s mission will fuel a practice in support of Factory 4.0. Our data visualization techniques allow accurate mapping of the region’s industrial resources.

The team is relaunching the Northwest Florida Economy. The publication will track quarterly information on real estate, hospitality, productivity, freight, and transportation.

Haas Center 25th Anniversary Retrospective

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UWF combines units, expands Haas Center

Nicole Gislason, interim assistant vice president of the UWF Haas Center with team members

Aug. 21, 2019

The University of West Florida announces the expansion of the UWF Haas Center in its mission to support communities with market research, workforce development and industrial innovation. The Office of Workforce and Industrial Innovation along with the Sea3D Additive Manufacturing Laboratory now operate as part of the Haas Center. Read more about the expansion…

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