Student Employment

A comprehensive guide to hiring students for Supervisors and Office Administrators.

Student employees are classified as OPS (Other Personal Services), or temporary, at-will employees. These positions are used to accomplish short term or intermittent tasks. Students can hold positions as Student Assistants, which are hourly positions and are classified and paid in accordance with the Pay Grades‌ set for the classification.

For students who qualify based upon need, federal aid programs are available, whereby the student is assigned an on-campus job. These positions are typically paid Florida minimum wage and can vary on the number of hours dependent upon the award. More information on Federal Work study positions can be obtained through the Financial Aid office.

Furthermore, the Graduate School also awards graduate assistantships or an award to which is tied a requirement of service to the University. This service obligation is usually instructional or research related. For these purposes, a graduate assistant is assigned to one or more faculty.

The OPS Student Classification System‌ should be used as a guide in determining the classification and‌ for all student positions. Departments should pick the classification that most closely describes the duties for which the student is being hired.

Posting a Student Position

In an effort to increase the quality of student campus life and support services, Human Resources has incorporated the recruitment of student employees into the university’s official Position, Performance, and Employment Management System. To post a job in PPEMS follow these instructions:

  • Login using your UWF username and password
  • Change your User Type to "Student Employment"
  • Click on "From Template" on the left-hand column
  • Choose the Job Category of "Students" and select Search
  • We have provided 9 student employment templates to choose from. Determine which is the correct position type and Click on “Create” to begin
  • The document will open - complete all the tabs and required fields throughout the document
  • The fields on the requisition are shared with other recruitment types—such as faculty and staff recruitment efforts.  Therefore, some fields are not applicable to student employment. Please make note of the special handling of the following fields:
    • Position Number = N/A
    • Position Open to Internal Applicants Only = N/A
    • Contact Person – list the person we can contact about the job posting
    • Hiring Official – whoever will make the hiring decision
    • Search Committee Chair = N/A
    • Search Committee Members = N/A
  • Route directly to Human Resources!  No multiple level approvals required
  • No approval of applicant pool required
  • Notify HR when you have hired someone or no longer require your student job posting


Student Hiring Process

Before hiring a student employee, we request that you ask the following questions:

  • Are you currently enrolled for credit at UWF or another educational institution? At what level?
    • In order to be a student employee, the individual must be enrolled in the semester in which they are hired. Proof of enrollment at UWF will be verified by Human Resources.
    • If an individual is enrolled at another institution, proof of enrollment should be printed via their school's website showing their name, school's name, semester dates and enrollment details. For questions or assistance with Non-UWF proof of enrollment, contact Human Resources at 850-474-2694.
    • Note: Departments may hire one pay period prior to the semester start if required for training purposes. In addition, students may continue to work in a student position during the summer if they were enrolled in the spring and are expected to enroll in the fall.
  • Do you currently have a student position on campus?
    • Students currently working on campus and paid by UWF may only need a Personnel Action Form for additional appointments. Contact Human Resources to verify if you are unsure.
    • Students may not work 1.0 FTE and still hold a student position. Hiring departments can utilize Information Navigator Report OHR000099 (List all Positions for an Employee) to verify the student's current positions. 
  • Have you worked on campus previously? Within the last 6 months?
    • If a student recently worked for UWF, they may only need a Personnel Action Form. However, other documentation may be required (including a new Form I-9) depending on the individual circumstances including how long the person has been terminated. Contact Human Resources to verify if additional documents are required. 

Graduate students have additional requirements as defined by the Graduate Assistant Handbook. Supervisors and Office Administrators should familiarize themselves with the Office Manager Handbook for Graduate Assistantship Appointments, created and maintained by the Graduate School. Note: All graduate assistant Personnel Action Forms must be sent to the Graduate School for approval before they can be processed by Human Resources.

What to bring the first day

  • Photo identification to verify identity (examples: driver's license, state, school, or military ID, US passport)
  • Document to verify employment eligibility (examples: social security card, US birth certificate, US passport)
  • Social security card (required for tax purposes, whether it is presented for the Form I-9 or not)
  • Voided personal check for direct deposit form (required by Payroll if using a bank account)

All identification documents must be originals and unexpired. Also, the documents must be presented and verified in person (no faxes or photocopies).

New Hire Essential Documents

All new hire student employees need the following completed and sent to Human Resources.

Refer to the‌ Payroll Calendar for Personnel Action Form bi-weekly deadlines. The sooner, the better.

Personnel Action Forms must be approved by the pay index source. Research and Sponsored Programs pay indexes (which start with 16, 18, 21, 22, R, or CR) must go to RSP prior to Human Resources. Foundation pay indexes 230201 through 230213 (with the exception of 230208) must go to Foundation prior to Human Resources.

Social Security Card Receipts

A Social Security card receipt may be used for W-4 purposes or as temporary work authorization for Form I-9, List C. These receipts are valid for 90 days from date of hire. Employees needing a replacement card should visit the local Social Security Administration office, in person, in order to receive an official receipt. Employees who request replacement cards online will not receive an official receipt. A copy of a Social Security Administration email to an employee acknowledging their online request is not an official receipt. Employees who use an official receipt as their List C document must bring their original Social Security card to Human Resources for verification within 90 days from their hire date in order to continue employment. Employees who do not provide their new Social Security card or other document(s) proving work authorization by the 90 days should not be allowed to work and will be terminated from employment with the University.

  • Treat your student as you would any other new hire.
  • Review provisions of the Student Information & Declaration Form with the student:
    • They are not eligible for unemployment compensation.
    • Prior approval is required before working overtime (> 40 hours per work week).
    • They must notify the department immediately upon withdrawal from classes.
    • All Non-UWF students must provide proof of enrollment and fee payment receipt each semester.
  • Train new students in accessing and entering their time daily in MyUWF via the web time entry system.  It is the student’s responsibility to assure their time is submitted online in time to meet the bi-weekly deadline.
Remote Hires

In the event a UWF new hire will be working at a remote location and will not be able to present original documents to an on-campus UWF representative, they may visit an authorized representative who may complete the employer's section (Section 2) of the Form I-9 on our behalf. The remote hire may utilize a part of the CUPA-HR Consortium for this purpose. The Hiring department should contact Human Resources with the new hire’s zip code so we can provide a list of institutions which participate in the CUPA-HR I-9 Consortium. These institutions agree to complete the I-9 on our behalf and return it to the New Hire to send to UWF. Hiring Departments should follow the Remote Form I-9 Process. Call Human Resources at 850-474-2694 if you need assistance.



Contact Human Resources to verify the necessary documents required for reemployment prior to the employee's start date. Based on the last day worked, new work authorization documents may be required, as well as additional paperwork.

International Students

Hiring Department:

  • Review the hiring process by visiting the J-1 and F-1 Student Employment Confluence business process page.
  • Departments should complete and submit the F-1 and J-1 Student Employment Form each time they process a New Hire, New Appointment, or Reappointment on an F-1 or J-1 student. This alerts International Programs and HR so they can review the student’s current employment eligibility status and notify departments and students of actions required.
  • Print the F-1 and J-1 Employment Checklist. Give it to the student and instruct them to visit the International Center.
  • Send the new hire package to Human Resources noting that they are an international student (Human Resources will be completing the Form I-9).


  • Visit the International Center in Building 71 to have your documents verified and to receive additional documents (if necessary) to apply for a Social Security card.
  • Students without a Social Security Card: Visit the Social Security Administration at 411 W. Garden Street, Pensacola, FL 32502, to make application for a new or updated card. Once the Social Security card is received, proceed to the next step.
  • Students with a Social Security Card:  Call Human Resources at 850-474-2694 to set up an appointment time to complete the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. Bring all of your original, unexpired documents (passport, visa, Social Security card, I-94, Employment Authorization Card, DS-2019, etc.) and your completed Foreign National Information Form to the meeting.

Human Resources:

  • Verify the student’s documents and complete the Form I-9.
  • Email the hiring department to confirm that the student is clear to begin employment.
  • Process the new hire in our payroll system, once everything has been received (Personnel Action Form, new hire essential documents, Form I-9).

Important Information: 

  • Hiring Departments should never allow F-1 or J-1 students to work until this confirmation of work authorization is received from Human Resources.
  • International students may not customarily work more than 20 hours per week (all jobs combined) during the Spring and Fall semesters. However, they may be eligible to work additional hours per week during the Summer and semester breaks. (Note: UWF does not allow students to work 1.0 FTE and remain in a student position.)
  • International students are responsible for maintaining their own legal status and for complying with employment guidelines.
  • F-1 and J-1 students who are graduating in a given semester cannot work past the last day of the semester listed on the University's Academic Calendar even though their work authorization date/program end date may be a few days later. 
Web Time Entry

It is the student's responsibility to enter their time daily onto their electronic timesheet. Supervisors should encourage their employees to be timely and accurate in entry of their hours. By encouraging students to record time daily, there is less of a chance they will forget and miss the electronic cutoff. Time must be submitted and approved no later than 10:00 a.m. on Monday of the pay week. Time that was not submitted and approved on-line or received via an Effort Recap Form prior to the deadline will not be paid until the next bi-weekly payroll.

Employees now have the ability to pull back their timesheet to make a correction as long as it has not been approved yet (still in Pending status). We strongly encourage employees to make use of this feature to reduce the number of effort recaps the departments, Human Resources, and Payroll must process.

Approvers of web time should designate, at a minimum, two proxies to assist with approving time in case of leave, illness, or unforeseen circumstances.

Common Errors – “submit not allowed”, “ approval not allowed”, “time transaction already exists”, “restart of time transaction not allowed”. These can occur when a user or approver double-clicks on the Submit or Approve buttons, or attempts to use the Web Browser back button. These do not inhibit the submission or approval of time.

Current Pay Period or Timesheet not visible by Approvers - Approvers will not see the current pay period until at least one employee opens their timesheet. Likewise, approvers will not see a particular timesheet until opened by the employee.

Training Presentations

Throughout the year, Human Resources presents trainings on various topics of interest to both employees and supervisors. Student Employment and I-9 procedures are two areas on which we present that will be of an interest to all Supervisors and Office Administrators. In case you are unable to make it to these course, their presentations have been placed below.

Below are the links to two brief webinars on the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) website regarding completing Section 1 and Section 2 of the Form I-9, Employment and Eligibility Verification form.

Tips and Tools