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Benefits of an Effective Compliance and Ethics Program

An effective compliance and ethics program offers a wide variety of benefits, which safeguard the University's reputation and help to foster an atmosphere where our shared institutional values can flourish.

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Why Compliance and Ethics Programs are Important

In its most basic terms, a compliance program is a merely set of controls and procedures, which have been developed to ensure compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, policies and contracts. However, an effective compliance and ethics program offers much more:

  • Proactively protects the University from both financial and reputational harm
  • Promotes a community-wide culture of compliance 
  • Creates a centralized source for information and guidance on all compliance obligations
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Facilitates improved communications between and within departments
  • Opens communication lines through administration of the UWF Integrity Helpline
  • Compliance and Ethics Programs are cost effective ("if you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance" -Former U.S. Attorney General Paul McNulty)
  • Demonstrates UWF's commitment to honest and responsible conduct
  • Encourages employees to report potential wrongdoing without fear of retribution