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Compliance and Ethics

The Office of Compliance and Ethics is responsible for compliance management and oversight throughout the University. It strives to maintain institutional compliance through the continuous monitoring of all applicable laws, regulations, best practices and standards, and University policies and by the promotion of ethical values and conduct to all University personnel.

University Compliance Framework

The UWF Compliance Framework is centered around UWF's Mission, Vision, and Values. From here, the framework expands to include the fundamental elements of an effective compliance function: Policies and Procedures; Monitoring and Auditing; Governance/Oversight; Fostering an Ethical Culture; Lines of Communication; Measuring Program Effectiveness; Response and Prevention; Training and Education.

Emanating from the Compliance Program Elements are the Institutional Risk Factors: Human Resources; Campus Life; Financial; Hazard; Research; Information Technology; Strategic; Safety; Contracts and Grants; Facilities and Maintenance.

When compiled these elements make up the following "infographic," which depicts the role of the Office of Compliance and Ethics in the university's enterprise risk management efforts and helps to identify/define the UWF risk ecosystem.  

Infographic displaying the fundamental elements of the UWF Compliance Program and its risk factors