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Tutoring is offered as a free service to any student. Tutors hold regular hours and are often available by appointment. Because our tutors are students themselves, they are able to understand the unique challenges that students in Computer Science face.

Tutoring services are available in the Multi-Platform Lab (Bldg. 4 Room 221). Check-in when you arrive so that the tutors know that you need assistance and what you need assistance with. Tutoring is free-of-charge and is available to currently enrolled students on a first-come-first-served basis.

You can contact tutors via email (email addresses can be found at the top of  the CS Tutoring Schedule - Spring 2023 (updated))or Discord. Contact any of your computer science or cybersecurity instructors for a link to join the Discord server. Once you are on the server, you'll see a group of channels under the grouping CS TUTORING.

If you need tutoring service for a course that we do not have a tutor for yet, please request it using our Tutoring Request Form.