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UWF Cybernauts take 2nd place overall at SECCDC 2020

The UWF Cybernauts were awarded Best in DefenseBest in Service and 2nd place overall in the recent Southeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.

The SECCDC team, which placed 2nd at the regional competition, winning several awards
2020 SouthEast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition awards

UWF took 2nd place at the 2020 Southeast Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition

In October, the UWF team of Benjamin Hendrix, Mark Gaddy, Jess Farrell, Branden Mazour, Gabriel Clark, and John Chamblee placed second at the 2020 Southeast Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (

Quality Matters

The Quality Matters Program is a national benchmark for online course design. The following courses offered at UWF have earned this high distinction:

  1. Java Programming (COP2253)
  2. Software Design (CEN 6064)
  3. Software Engineering Project Management (CEN 6990)
  4. Data Mining (CAP 5771)
  5. Data Mining (CAP 4770)
  6. Software Engineering Foundations: Java Programming (COP 5007)
  7. Database Administration (COP 5775)

For more information on the Quality Matters Program, visit their website,