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E. L. Fridge

Dr. Evorell (E.L.) Fridge


Dr. Evorell (E.L.) Fridge is an Instructor of Computer Science, teaching courses in algorithms, software engineering, and full-stack web application development. His classes emphasize real-world applications, drawing from his 13 years of experience as a web applications engineer at UWF. He joined the faculty full-time in 2023 after teaching as an adjunct instructor in Computer Science for many years. Dr. Fridge holds a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in Curriculum & Instruction and a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Computer Science, both from UWF. Although he focuses primarily on teaching, his research interests include computer science education methodologies and technologies like client-side frameworks, mobile app development, NoSQL databases, and full-text search engines.

Degrees & Institutions:

  • Ed.D., Curriculum & Instruction: Science, University of West Florida
  • M.S., Computer Science, University of West Florida
  • M.A., Louisiana State University
  • B.G.S., University of Louisiana - Lafayette

Current Courses:

  • COP 3014 Algorithm and Program Design
  • COP 3530 Data Structures and Algorithms 1
  • CEN 3031 Software Engineering 1

Classes Taught:

  • COP 3813 Server-Side Programming
  • COP 4864 Client-Side Programming

Special Interests:

Full-stack software development, client-side frameworks (React and Angular), Typescript, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch.