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Anthony Pinto


Anthony Pinto, a Lecturer, teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Computer Science, CyberSecurity and Software Engineering. Anthony is the Program Coordinator for the BS in Cyber Security program. He joined the faculty in 2002 after he earned a M.S. in Computer Science from UWF. Pinto, who spent 20 years on active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps, also has several years experience and training in business-related software development and cyber security.

Pinto coordinated UWF’s successful effort to be designated a NSA/DHS Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Education. In addition, he is heavily involved in efforts to enhance Cyber Security education in the area including being a Mentor for Cyber Patriot, Cyberthon as well as the Facility Advisor for the UWF Cyber Security and coach for the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. Pinto’s professional training includes Wireshark Advanced Network Analysis and Blackhat Certification in Hacking by the Numbers Bootcamp, Hacking by the Numbers BlackOps, pen testing with Kali Linux, Locking Down Linux and Adaptive Red Team tactics.

Degrees & Institutions:

M.S. Computer Science, University of West Florida

Classes Taught:

  • Computer Science- graduate/undergraduate courses
  • Software Engineering- graduate/undergraduate courses


Ezhil Kalaimannan, Sharon K. John, Theresa DuBose & Anthony Pinto: Influences on ransomware’s evolution and predictions for the future challenges, Journal of Cyber Security Technology Ref.:  Ms. No. TSEC-2016-0002R1 

Keywords: software design, software patterns, interactive teaching, web and database integration, cyber security, hacking by the numbers, penetration testing