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Utility Services

The goal of Utilities Operations is to plan, operate and maintain all utility systems such that each system functions effectively, reliable and responsibly to meet the current and future campus utility requirements.

Interior view of building 40
Building 40 Utilities Plant

Utilities & HVAC Services

Utilities Operations provide services twenty four hours per day, seven days per week that includes the operations and maintenance for the Central Utility Plant (Chillers, Boilers and Cooling Towers), campus wide utility distribution system (Electrical power, Emergency Electrical Power, Chilled Water, Heating Hot Water, Water Tower, Potable Water Well Pumps, Potable Water and Irrigation) and environmental management systems (Solid Waste, Storm Water Collection and Treatment, Sanitary Sewer). 

Electrical Distribution

The University of West Florida has sole responsibility for operation of the campus primary electrical distribution system located within the property boundaries of campus. Electric power is delivered to the Central Utility Plant (Building 40) from Gulf Power at 12,470 volts. The voltage is then stepped down through power transformers to 460 volts and distributed to campus facilities through an underground electrical cable system. To enhance reliability, an alternate power feed is possible in the event of interruption of power in the primary electrical power feeder to Building 40.

  • Did you know:
  • The installed electrical power capacity for the UWF campus could provide electrical power to over 600 homes.
Water Tower
UWF Water Tower

Drinking Water

Drinking water is provided by two ground wells. The water pumped by the wells is stored in a 200,000 gallon storage tower located west of the WUWF radio station.

Annual water reports are available for viewing.

  • Did you know:
  • The drinking water system has enough water capacity to serve over 800 homes.
Building 40 Boiler
Building 40 Boiler

Heating Hot Water Generation and Distribution System

The Central Utility Plant (Building 40) has three hot water boilers which generate water at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot water is delivered to campus facilities through underground supply and return piping. Hot water heating coils in each facility use the heated hot water to provide warm air to each facility. The heated hot water is also used to heat the swimming pool water in the natatorium (Building 73).

  • Did you know:
  • The installed boilers capacity could generate enough water to heat over 2100 homes.
Building 40 Chiller
Building 40 Chiller

Chilled Water Generation and Distribution System

The Central Utility Plant (Building 40) has four 1200 ton centrifugal chillers for cooling, that generate chilled water at 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The chilled water is delivered to campus facilities through underground supply and return piping. Chilled water cooling coils in each facility use the chilled water to provide cooled air to each facility. Water is returned to Building 40 to be re-chilled.

  • Did you know:
  • The installed chilled capacity for the UWF campus could generate enough cooling to air condition over 1600 homes.

Stormwater Collection System

The stormwater collection system consists of thirty-one (31) retention ponds, associated stormwater collection points and associated stormwater piping.

The Stormwater Compliance Handbook at University of West Florida is available for viewing.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Ensures acceptable occupant comfort levels by providing and maintaining indoor air quality via environmental space conditioning.