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What Does Facilities Management Maintain and Repair? Will My Department Be Charged??

Items Considered and Performed as Education and General maintenance funded responsibilities (non-chargeable) by Facilities Management

Air conditioners and handling unit repair (heating, cooling, and ventilation)
Appliance repair – ice machine preventive maintenance.
Athletic outside facilities – baseball, football, soccer, and softball.
Ballast replacement on light fixtures
Banners (university needs)
Baseboard repair
Bulletin (tack-board) classroom, public areas, and office repair
Cabinet repair – hinge adjustment; minor scratches; door pull tightening
Carpet cleaning
Ceramic tile repair
Ceiling tile replacement
Clock repair – classrooms and public areas
Door hardware (locksets, handles, & closers repair; excludes department procured cypher locks)
Electrical circuit repair
Electrical repair (primary and secondary systems; outdoor light bulb replacement; exterior light fixture
Repair; switch repair & replacement)
Elevator repair
Exit light repair
Fire Alarm maintenance and repair
Floor tile repair (excludes University Dining Services agreement)
Floors – cleaning and waxing
Grounds maintenance – excludes new landscaping items
Interior and exterior of building repair
Key issuance and replacement – per My.uwf.edu; Route-IT
Light bulb replacement
Light fixture repair (interior)
Locking (or unlocking) rooms with Dept. Chair or Dean’s permission
Moving Services – small moves (excluded major capital renovations & new construction projects)
Moving Services – special equipment (excludes pianos). See “set-ups” herein.
Operating and replacement costs of equipment, materials, and tools used by UWF Facilities and Utilities
Maintenance. Fund Source: State provided Plant Operations and Maintenance
Painting – exterior
Pest Control
Plant Care – lawn
Picture hanging
Plumbing repairs (faucets – vanities - toilets – faucets – showers; distilled water piping and valves)
Pool – moving starting blocks, floor grate repair due to damage from scuba classes/ aquatic club.
Restroom cleaning and stock supplies
Roofing and sheet metal work, including downspout and gutter repair
Security alarms maintenance and repair
Set-ups – interior (Example: Various B.12 Alumni Room set-ups) and exterior (Example: BBQ on Green).
Spills – clean-up; water removal
Stage set-ups – portable equipment
Trash/garbage removal – excludes recycling containers.
Utility distribution systems inside and outside of buildings – electrical, heating, process steam, potable water lines, gas lines, storm water, and sanitary sewer.
Wall repair and paint (drywall) – due to deterioration/dirty/fading/peeling condition, etc.
Water cooler repair
Window – cleaning and replacement – small units

Items NOT Considered Education and General maintenance funded responsibilities by Facilities Development and Operations
Appliance repair – including refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, microwaves, and micro-refrigerators.
Cabinet resurfacing and replacement
Cameras and surveillance equipment
Cleaning or repair of personal items – examples include personal desk lamps and clocks.
Computer repair
Department inventoried equipment
Distilled water system units and filters
Desk repair, refinishing, and painting
Drapery cleaning
Fish tank repair/maintenance
Flooring replacement - project
Furniture cleaning, repair and assembly
Glass replacement
Kitchen equipment repair/maintenance
Mirror repair
Movable furniture repair and replacement – classroom seating, tables, podiums, fixtures, and
Office equipment repair
Picture framing
Plant care – interior
Signage painting or manufacturing
Telecommunications equipment repair/ maintenance – fixed and movable data and telephone
Equipment. Wire, fiber optics and wireless media needed to support data and telephone systems.
Tools loaned
Vacuum process systems used in teaching and research laboratories.
Venetian blind repair and replacement

There is another easy way to identify the exclusions. Visualize a common classroom or office building devoid of people, furniture, office equipment, laboratories, programs, computers and similar features. For example, imagine the classrooms within the Science and Engineering or College of Business Education Center, between semesters, emptied of furniture and audio-visual equipment. Anything added to these buildings will be outside the funded responsibility of Utilities and Facilities Maintenance resources.

How the guidelines were developed and questions.

The Florida Statute 1013 was used to develop the guidelines. If the above guidelines do not address your particular situation or a more detailed explanation is desired, contact the Facilities Development and Operations Administration at the Work Control Center, Ext. 6000. You can also contact Mr. Les Wicker, (850) 474-2007 or by email to lwicker@uwf.edu.


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Plan, design, construct, maintain and operate a sustainable physical environment that enables the University to grow and achieve its mission with uncompromising excellence.


Provide exceptional facilities through customer centered and results focused team approach of flawless project planning, programming, designing, construction, maintenance, and operation based upon program needs that exceed customer expectations.

Facilities Core Values


  • Honesty, fairness, openness, ethical conduct, and responsibility for actions.

Working Relationships

  • Dignity and respect for others and teamwork.


  • Knowledge, efficiency, and effectiveness

Continuous Improvement

  • Service and process improvements, technology enhancements, creativity, positive change, advancing skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Quality Service

  • Responsive, courteous, accurate, and safe practices for internal and external customers.

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Facilities Development & Operations is responsible for planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating a reliable sustainable physical environment that enables the University of West Florida to grow and achieve its mission with uncompromising excellence.

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