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ABA Alumni Spotlight - Keith Giacoma

June 24, 2021 | Heather Fletcher

ABA Alumni Headshot

Meet Keith Giacoma, June's UWF Center for Behavior Analysis Alumni Spotlight! 

“I find ABA a very rewarding field. Not only has it impacted the way I look at behavior, but applying scientific strategies to help people engage more socially and academically can greatly increase someone’s quality of life—that’s huge,” says Keith. 

Keith holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has previously worked as a Certified Child Life Specialist and in Pediatric hospice before his current position as a Paraprofessional for Troy School District in Michigan.

It was at this point that he was introduced to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. “I was working [as a parapro] with a student who required intensive intervention when they brought in a Behavior Support Technician,” explained Keith. “He encouraged me to get my BCaBA, but after two semesters I was so in love with ABA, I continued on with the UWF BCBA graduate program and graduated in August 2020.”

Keith has been with the Troy School District for 5 years. Since graduating from the UWF BCBA program, he has worked as a Behavior Support Technician, helping to develop plans for K-12 students. He plans to take his BCBA Certification Exam this fall and hopes to work as a Behavior Support Specialist for the school system after receiving his certification. 

Keith is passionate about creating successful behavior change in the classroom environment, due to its “complex, ever-changing” nature, compared to a clinical setting where conditions can be more controlled. “It requires a lot of creativity, which I love,” he says. 

His greatest personal achievement? “Going back to school for a master’s degree this late in life. A true testament for following your heart and doing what you love.” Thanks for sharing with us, Keith!