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Your Wings Have Eyes

by Micheline Auger

Your Wings Have Eyes explores the treacherous terrain of gender and sexuality on a college campus. Asked to write about how gender influences behavior among young people, playwright Micheline Auger has crafted a tale of youth, trust, betrayal, fear, and self-realization. The play was commissioned by the Farm Theatre in New York to be produced at three different colleges.


Fay Fay Melissa Pisarski
Dylan Raymond VerVoort
Jenny Hannah Chism
Todd Garrett Poladian
Nick Tim Colee
Dean Williams Michele Barber
Officer Manning McKenzie Richards
Kim Elaina Keyes
Steve Dylan Garofalo
Crystal Leonie Dupuis
Mugger Garrett Summitt
Ensemble Caitlin Artrip
  Renee McGee
  Jeremy Sommers
  Ben Bailey
  Alana Brasher
  Leonie Dupuis
  Mary Wisdom Harris
  Abbie Kellet
  Abigail Megginson
  Elise Money
  Samantha Negron
  Brooke Schang
  Garrett Summitt

Production Team

Director Scott Hudson
Assistant Director & Stage Manager Victoria O'Dell
Production Manager Tammy Babich
Scenic Designer & Props Master Alys Mead
Lighting Designers Alex Brookins
  Jeremy Sommers
Costume Designer Rachel Allen
Sound Designer Benjamin Bailey
Choreographers Caitlin Artrip
  Garrett Poladian
Combat Choreographer Dylan Garofalo
Assistant Sound Designer Elizabeth Watson
Videographer Abigail Megginson
House Manager Chantelle Cognevich
Research Board Leonie Dupuis
  Brooke Schang
  Samantha Negron
Blogger McKenzie Richards
Dramaturg Chantelle Cognevich
Fight Consultant Charlie Castellucci
Campus Sexual Violence Liaisons Leonie Dupuis
  Brooke Schang