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Theatre audition requirements for the BFA Theatre program

About Auditioning

Picking a college is an important decision.  Come to campus, see our facilities, and speak with the professors and current students to help you make the perfect decision for your education.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre is an audition-only program. Students wanting to major in theatre must select one of the three areas—musical theatre, acting, or design technology—and audition for that area. Students will be assessed annually to demonstrate successful progress toward the degree.  BA in Theatre, BA in Arts Administration, and minors in Theatre do not require an audition. Talk to your advisor about classes that are available to you. 

In-person auditions are followed by interviews with professors and staff to discuss how UWF fits into your plans. These auditions also double as scholarship auditions, giving every student a chance to receive tuition waivers and merit scholarships.  

Audition dates for the 2023/2024 semesters are Aug 18, 2023, Nov 18, 2023, Jan 20, 2024, Feb 24, 2024, and April 20, 2024.  

In-person auditions take place in the Besser Studio Theatre, Building 82, Room 299. Reservation of your audition space is required. Reserve your spot by emailing

All focuses require a resume and headshot. 

sample headshot
Sample Headshot

All focuses need to submit a headshot and their resume to be sent to before your audition.  Headshots do not need to be professionally taken, but they should be 8x11 (if printed) shoulder-up with you looking your best.  We recommend getting another person to take the photograph (no selfies) and having either outdoor lighting or nice indoor lighting.  A natural background that lets you be the focus is the best. 

Sample headshot

Sample Headshot 

sample headshot

Sample Headshot

Your resume should cover your name, what focus you are interested in, your email and phone number, the theatrical experience you have had up to this point, your education, awards you have received and any special talent or skills. Often, theatrical resumes will end up with 3-4 columns listing experience with the show title, your job, your supervisor and the place it was produced. 

Program Audition Requirements

BFA – Musical Theatre

32-bar Song and a Monologue (1 minute)
Dance routine (Provided by UWF)

BFA – Acting

Contrasting Monologues (1 minute each)

BFA – Design/Technology and Performance Studies

Portfolio Review and Interview

Post-Admission Considerations

*Please note that admission to UWF does not guarantee admission to the Theatre program nor does admission to the Theatre program guarantee admission to UWF. Students are responsible for completing the following steps to gain admission to UWF and the Theatre program.


Holly Komula – Office Administrator – 850-474-2146 –

Glenn Breed – Chair of the Theatre Department – 850-474-2149 –

Marzia Ransom – Theatre Advisor – 850-474-2676 –