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Current Season

Blithe Spirit
by Noel Coward
Oct. 21-23 & Oct. 28-30 2022

Noël Cowards comedy Blithe Spirit revolves around socialite and novelist Charles Condomine who hopes to find material for his next book by holding a séance.  However, he quickly learns that the marriage vow “Til death do us part” does not mean exactly what he thinks when the eccentric Medium, Madame Arcati conjures up the ghost of his temperamental first wife, Elvira. Despite him being happily married to his second wife Ruth, Elvira refuses to let Charles go. Can Madame Arcati solve the problem that has now been created or will she continue to only make it worse?


The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical
Music and Lyrics by David Nehis and book by Betsy Kelso
Dec. 2-4 & Dec. 9-11, 2022

The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical takes us to Armadillo Acres (North Florida’s premier mobile-living community) where everyone is filled with Christmas spirit and beer!  But when a freak bout of amnesia strikes the park Scrooge (Darlene Seward), neighborly love is put to the test. Can the group rally to show Darlene the true meaning of Christmas?  Can they take home the Mobile Homes and Gardens holiday decorating prize?  It will be a cat-fightin’, chair-throwin’ good time – but with tinsel and Keg Nog!

Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston and script by Arthur Kopit
Feb. 17-19 & Feb. 24-26, 2023

Based on the Federico Fellini’s 1963 film 8 1/2, it tells the story of film director Guido Contini, who dreading his imminent 40th birthday and facing a midlife crisis, must navigate his way through a creative block and a web of romantic difficulties.  Guido’s wife Luisa, has threatened to divorce him unless he spends more attention to the marriage, which is difficult to do when his saucy mistress, Carla, keeps showing up at the most inconvenient times!  In an attempt to find piece and inspiration, Guido, takes his wife on a trip to Venice.  As Guido struggles to find his creative muse, he starts to lose track of what is fantasy and what is reality!. It doesn’t help that Carla arrives in Rome to provide naughty distractions.  Guido must come to terms with all the women in his life, both past and present. As he tries to create a new masterpiece, Guido must face the ultimate decision of life and death.


Based on the novel by Jane Austin, and adapted for stage by Sandra Fenichel Asher
Apr. 14-16 & Apr. 21-23, 2023

Set in the same time period as the hit TV show Bridgerton, Emma, pledges never to marry and focuses on her new found passion, matchmaking.  Her newest project, Harriet Smith, has already received a proposal, but Emma insists she should marry the eligible vicar Mr. Elton. Emma is warned by the family friend, Mr. Knightly, to give up matchmaking, but she ignores all warnings.  When Emma discovers that Mr. Elton is more interested in her, she is forced to fend him off and find another suitor for Harriet. When Highbury welcomes two new guests, the mysterious Jan Fairfax and the charming Frank Churchill, things begin to get difficult!  Emma finds herself falling in love with Frank Churchill, but decides Frank is better suited for Harriet only to discover that Harriet has fallen for Mr. Knightly! Emma suddenly realizes that SHE is in love with Mr. Knightly.  Romantic entanglements ensue as everyone figures out their best match.


Ticket Information 

Tickets prices are as follows:

Adult: $20

Senior Citizens & Active Military: $16

UWF Faculty/Staff & Non-UWF Students: $14

Youth (18 & under): $7

UWF Students with valid Nautilus Card: Free

For shows in the Mainstage Theatre, Reserved seats may be available for a $2 upcharge.