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A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas

By Charles Dickens / Adapted for the Stage by Michael Wilson

Synopsis: This theatrical and spirited version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL puts the phantasmagoric qualities of Charles Dickens' classic tale center stage. A swirling, dancing chorus of ghosts weaves through this uplifting holiday story of redemption, magic and hope. The play has been performed for almost a million people over the years at Houston's Alley Theatre, Hartford Stage and Washington, D.C.'s historic Ford's Theatre.


Ebenezer Scrooge Richard Pait*
Mrs. Dilber/Jacob Marley Scott Hudson*
Understudy to Mr. Hudson Ray VerVoort
Bob Cratchit Dylan Garofalo
Mrs. Cratchit Brittney Lester
Martha Cratchit Jordan Whorton
Belinda Cratchit Emilie Petrik
Peter/1st Solicitor Dakota Scarborough
Tiny Tim Rhys Holt
2nd Solicitor/Old Joe Phillip Lucas
Bettye Pigeon/Christmas Past Sara Schoch*
Understudy to Mrs. Schoch Cherry Rendell
Young Scrooge/Turkey Boy Olive Gougeon
Urchin/Ignorance Addison Cook
School Boy #2 Katie Frierson
Urchin/Spoiled Child Sydney Mock
Urchin/School Boy #1 Darby Long
Urchin/School Boy #3 Morgan Barber
Urchin Ally Atchison
Urchin/Want Mattie Barber
Bertina/Christmas Present Tareca Kiana Siplin
Mr. Marvel/Fezzi Guest McKenzie Richards
Mr. Fezziwig/Undertaker John Switzer
Mrs. Fezziwig/Beggar Lady Sylvia Switzer
Belle Rebecca Douglas
Scrooge at 25 Justin Harrington
Fan Aletta Kemp
Nichola/Ghost Amy Kilgore
Wendy/Party Guest Natassis R. McGee
Claire/Party Guest Mia Carisse
Dick Wilkins/Ghost/Party Guest Jordan Thomforde
Fred Garrett Summitt
Fred's Wife Wisdom Harris
Topper/Fezzi Guest Robert Scruggs
Fred's Sister-in-Law Hannah Chism
Ghost/Party Guest Chase Redig
Ghost/Rich Lady Danielle Barrie
Ghost Jessica Edge

Production Team

Director Richard Roland
Set & Lighting Design Charles Houghton
Costume Design Glenn Avery Breed
Original Ghost Costume Design Corey Stano
Wig & Makeup Design Rachel Allen
Original Music & Sound Design John Gromada
Sound Design Adaptation & Technical Director Phillip Brulotte
Voice & Dialect Coach Sara Schoch
Stage Manager Chantell Cognevich
Assistant Lighting Designer Alex Brookins
Assistant Technical Director Tyler Frayer
Assistant Stage Managers Brennan Beckwith
  Victoria O'Dell
Assistant to the Director Allison Cramer
Light Board Operator Tim Colee
Spotlight Operators Caroline Jeager
  Bethany Kolb
Soumd Board Operator Raissa Lima
Wig & Makeup Assistant Kira Houser
Wardrobe Supervisor Jessi Winter
Dressers Rey Garcia
  Elaina Keyes
  Katrina Lundquist
  Mallory Maiberger
  Emily Wilson
Laundry Jessi Winter
Deck Chief Eleanor Sweeney
Stage Crew Michelle Barber
  Krysten Jumpp
  Melissa Larimer
Fly Operator Mason St. Germain
Props Run Crew Caitlin Artrip
  Amanda De Benedetto
Child Wranglers Allison Cramer
  Josh Thomas
House Manager Jericka Hunter
Scene Shop Crew Elizabeth Blanco
  Tim Colee
  Hope Englestad
  Dylan Garofalo
  Krysten Jumpp
  Melissa Larimer
  J.P. Riddle
  Elizabeth Watson
Costume Shop Crew Val Besser
  Edee Green
  Michelle Barber
  Cassidy Beal
  Elizabeth Blanco
  Miranda Cobb
  Kayla Fainer
  Elaina Keyes
  Bethany Kolb
  Katrina Lundquist
  Mallory Maiberger
  Alexa Mcknight
  Alys Mead
  Eleanor Sweeney
Lighting Crew Ben Bailey
  Garrett Brooks
  Jennifer Cullen
  Hannah Hiers
  Caroline Jeager
  Aletta Kemp
  Garrett Metzler
  Jason Nichols
  Ray Vervoort
  Emily Wilson
Paint Crew Hope Englestad
  Renee McGee
  Emilie Petrik
  Cherry Rendel
  Maria Fernandra Parada Ruiz
Props Crew Garrett Brooks
  Mia Carisse
  Jericka Hunter
  Raissa Lima
  Alexa McKnight
  Jason Nichols
Scene Shop Student Staff Tyler Frayer
  Alys Mead
  Jessica Milam
  Cory Tucker
  Ray Vervoort
Costume Shop Student Staff Rachel Allen
  Kendall Dayton
  Logan Goodson
  J.P. Riddle
  Emily Wilson
  Jessi Winters
Box Office Student Staff Paula-Kay Beswick
  Joshua Gardner
  Wisdom Harris
  Katrina Lundquist
  Eleanor Sweeney