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This toolkit serves as a guide for strengthening the recruitment pipeline for individual colleges and departments. These strategies are intended to serve as supplemental to the institution’s general marketing and communication efforts and should be executed by individual colleges and departments.

Strategies and Tactics

Keep program pages updated with current information, and drive prospects there to apply or request more information. 

  1. Include such items as"
    1. Strong professional exam pass rating (nursing, CPA)
    2. Job statistics that apply to the particular program, including popular careers within the field and/or where alumni have been hired.
    3. Student/alumni/faculty spotlights or quotes.
  2. Example program page: Intelligent Systems and Robotics Ph.D. Programs.
Academic Program Folder Blue Thumbnail

Develop supplemental recruitment materials by utilizing the Academic Program Materials templates on the brand portal.

  1. Academic Program Materials can be utilized by college/departmental recruiters, faculty, etc. when communicating directly with students and/or industry leaders.

Utilize personal and professional connections to recruit students.

  1. Professional organizations including industries, companies and non-profit (local and non-local)
  2. Local employers or employment agencies
    1. CareerSource Escarosa or other employment offices
    2. Research and contact local companies with tuition reimbursement programs for job-related programs
  3. Contacts at individual departments at state and two-year colleges
    1. Here is a spreadsheet of contacts by department at Pensacola State College
  4. College/department advisory board and program members
  5. Criminal Justice Example:
    1. Students majoring in criminal justice may go on to pursue a law degree. A local paralegal association would be an ideal organization to contact.
    2. Utilize law enforcement offices in Florida to announce the degree program. 
    3. Emphasize the accessibility of the degree program being online. Police officers who want to go back to school may have difficulty in a traditional classroom setting due to their work shifts.
    4. Target local prisons supporting their guards and wardens returning to school. 
    5. Host live-streamed panel events and invite industry leaders to attend.
      1. Example: Webinar for police enforcement offices including research pertinent to their profession

Contact prospective students directly.

  1. Faculty members, department chairs and/or communicators contact admitted and stop-out students directly via:
    1. Hand-written postcards or notes (you can order stationery via Knight Abbey).
    2. Phone calls
    3. Emails
    4. Stop-outs
    5. Letters
  2. The below reports are available and can be sorted by college and academic program.
    1. Admitted Student Report
    2. Stop-out Report: For instructions, visit the Confluence Guide

Connect with high schools (FTIC students) 

  1. High school websites have lists of teachers and student clubs. Contact teachers or presidents of clubs within your discipline and ask to present as a guest speaker.  
    1. Class examples: Faculty present at AP English class 
    2. Club examples: Future Business Leaders of America, Poetry club
  2. Host a local high school competition on the UWF campus

Promote relevant topics on the college’s social media outlets.

  1. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should be the primary focus. Tailor your content according to the audience.
  2. Highlight research, faculty, industry tips, student success stories, alumni success stories.
  3. Repurpose content from,,,,,, etc.
  4. Develop a college blog. 

Recruitment Updates

For information regarding specific recruitment updates for the 2022-2023 season, contact Ethan Henley. To learn more about dates and deadlines, scholarships, events, and more, please visit