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As the medium of formal communications, stationery plays a vital role in UWF’s brand expression.

Use of the University’s stationery system ensures clear and consistent communication. Official stationery should never be recreated or emulated and alterations are prohibited unless authorized by Institutional Communications. In cases when permission is granted, Institutional Communications is responsible for the oversight of the creation of any new stationery, whether executed in-house or through a vendor, to ensure compliance with the institutional brand.

With the introduction of our new logo, we are also releasing a new stationery package. This package includes letterhead, business cards, envelopes, note cards and notepads. While we encourage you to begin using the new stationery as soon as possible, you may use your current stock until your supply is exhausted and it is time to reorder.

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Placing Stationery Orders

All University letterhead, envelopes and business cards are standardized to provide a consistent institutional identity and reduce design and printing costs through a contract with Knight Abbey Printing and Direct Mail (KA). A website is available for University faculty and staff to place orders via PCard from KA. It is user-friendly and does not require graphic design training.

Orders for business cards and stationery can be placed, proofed and paid via PCard online at KA’s website. Any faculty or staff with PCard privileges may order for employees in their departments. All Presidential Gold Seal items are only available for the president, vice presidents and members of the Board of Trustees.

For questions concerning ordering official stationery items, please email or call 850.474.2431. Contract prices are set for the first three months, beginning Monday, July 25, 2022, but may change in the months after due to paper availability and supply chain issues. Business and Auxiliary Services ( manages this contract.

  1. Payment and Billing: When an order is placed through the printing portal, the charge will only cover the actual printing. This is because Auxiliary Services made a bulk purchase of the papers UWF uses most. This up-front paper purchase is anticipated to cover orders for the first year of the agreement. Therefore, departments will save money while obtaining stationery items on the specified papers. The departments will be back-billed by Auxiliary Services through a monthly JE for the cost of the paper to fulfill their orders.
  2. Orders: To place an order via the Printing Portal, visit Your username will be your UWF email address. Choose "New User" to set up your password. Your request will be reviewed within 24 hours. Once approved, you may place an order.
  3. Delivery: All orders received by noon CST on Wednesday will be delivered to UWF the second following Tuesday. Orders received after noon CST on Wednesday will be delivered on the third following Tuesday. For internal quality control and assurance of correct quantities of items, each delivery will be checked in Auxiliary Services and delivered by Postal Services.
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For questions regarding orders placed or received, email
For questions regarding the availability of certain items or charges for orders (print charge and paper charge), email
For UWF Institutional Communications questions, email

If you have technical issues with the printing portal site, email
If you have issues completing an order, email
For all other concerns, email

NOTE: Custom orders, those outside of the official stationery printing, may also be placed with Knight Abbey, if desired. Contact Miranda Rogers,

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Digital Letterhead

Institutional Communications is able to provide official divisions, colleges, schools, departments, institutes, centers and select campus units a free digital letterhead template in a Microsoft Word file. Digital letterhead should be used solely for digital communication and should never be printed. Digital letterhead is subject to the same graphic standards as printed letterhead. Logo signatures, nameplates and other graphics are not permitted.

To obtain a custom digital template with your department’s contact details, fill out a UWF Digital Letterhead form. There is no charge, however, please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

The background image within your digital letterhead containing your contact information will appear faded while editing in Word. After the body of the message is set, users should always save and distribute the file as a PDF. The header and footer will render correctly in the PDF version of the letterhead.

For questions concerning digital letterhead, email