Fitness Center Information

The Fitness Center is a 10,000 square foot facility that is made up of two levels.

Two students working out their abs on the Cardio Deck
Student using Skierg machine on the Cardio Deck
Student working out using dumbbells
Student lifting weights by big window

Fitness Center Facts

The Lower Level houses the selectorized and free weight equipment. The Upper Level includes a 1/8th mile indoor track that offers alternating views of the 36-foot rock climbing wall, the Recreation Gym, the scenic woods outside, and the Upper and Lower Levels. The Upper Level also includes twelve (12) LCD monitors offering Broadcast Vision to participants using the cardio equipment.

Fitness Center Rules

  • No bags or extra clothing in workout areas.
  • You MUST have a NAUTILUS CARD.
  • You MUST have a TOWEL to use fitness facility. Towels may be checked out with your nautilus card at the service desk.
  • Children 16 or younger are not permitted to use the Lower or Upper Fitness areas or attend Group Fitness Classes.
  • Children 16 or younger may use the track, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Food, drink, and tobacco are prohibited. Patrons are allowed to bring in water bottles.
  • Please wipe equipment after use.
  • Report any damaged areas.
  • Collars required on free weight equipment.
  • Disorderly or unsafe conduct, as deemed by the Facility Center Supervisor, is not permitted.
  • No dropping of weights.
  • You must wear proper workout attire.
  • Every user must wear a shirt, shorts/pants, and shoes at all times. Shoes must be protective, closed-toe, athletic shoes; no sandals, clogs, or boots.
  • Jeans and cut-off shorts are not permitted.
  • Workout at your own risk.
  • Strollers are allowed on the track. We have an ADA lift that is accessible to bring a stroller up to the second floor.

Fitness Center Equipment

Lower Fitness Center

  • Nautilus selectorized equipment arranged by muscle groups
  • Gravitron assisted pull-up/dip machine
  • Ab area which includes an ab coaster, decline roman chair, med balls, ab mats, and back extension
  • Plate loaded leg press, calf raise, hack squat, and T-row
  • Multi-cable system with 4 adjustable cables, 1 lat pull station, and 1 row station
  • 1 Smith machine
  • Freedom Trainer
  • Easy (Pre-loaded) bars from weights 20-90lbs
  • Hex Dumbbells from 5 - 115 lbs in 5 lb increments
  • Round Metal Dumbbells (3 – 35 lbs)
  • Kettlebells, Slam Balls, and Dynamic Balls
  • Fixed and adjustable utility benches
  • Rogue Rack, TRX, Matador (dip attachment), RFES Attachment, and GHD
  • Preacher Curl Bench
  • 2 Deadlift platforms with olympic weights
  • 5 squat racks
  • 4 Flat benches
  • 2 Incline benches
  • 1 Decline Bench
  • 1 Overhead Press Bench

Upper Fitness Center

  • ⅛ mile track
  • 4 Row Machines
  • 1 Skierg
  • 1 Jacobs Ladder
  • 3 StairSteppers
  • 1 Arm Ergometer
  • 2 Assault Bikes
  • 3 Recumbent Bikes
  • 2 Upright Bikes
  • 2 Spin Bikes
  • 2 WoodWay Curves
  • Woodway Treadmills
  • Lifefitness Treadmills
  • Ellipticals
  • Arc Trainers
  • Hex Dumbbells from 5 - 35 lbs in 5 lb increments
  • Round Metal Dumbbells (3 – 35 lbs)
  • 1 Pull-up/Dip Captains Chair
  • Ab area that includes med balls, physio balls, foam rollers, ab mats, jump ropes, and gliders
  • Rogue Boxes, Kettlebells, and dynamic balls