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Campus Involvement

Fraternity and Sorority members are leaders in every aspect of campus life and participate in a variety of UWF events each year. They are active participants in Argo Arrival, Homecoming, Campus Activities Board, Athletic Sporting Events, and Recreation's Intramural Sports.

Students moving in on Move In Day.
Move In Day

Argo Arrival

Fraternity and sorority members are there from the start to help new students transition into college. Kicking off Argo Arrival with move-in day for first time in college students, fraternity and sorority members volunteer each year to help hundreds of new Argos move everything from their truck to their residence hall. Fraternities and sororities come out in full force at a variety of events to celebrate the start of a new academic year and to welcome new students to campus. FSL members love attending Argo Arrival's Beach Bash each year, bringing fun games and excitement to the beach. Lastly, they show off their skills on the event stage and help new students get connected at Argo Arrival's Argopalooza.


Student preforming as an opening act for Colchis 2018
UWF student, Faithe Franklin, performing at Colchis


Fraternity and Sorority members are active leaders in the planning of homecoming. Fraternities and Sororities enjoy the spirit competitions for student organizations and help support members of their organization for homecoming court. Fraternity & Sorority Life is one of the most Argo Spirited groups on campus and they show it in full force during the homecoming week of events.


SGA members at the SGA Senate Meeting.
SGA Members at the SGA Senate Meeting

Campus Leaders

Fraternity and Sorority members are involved in many aspects of campus life. They are involved in a variety of student organizations in addition to their fraternity or sorority. Fraternity and Sorority members benefit UWF in many ways by taking on campus leadership roles in SGA, Ambassadors, Campus Activities Board, Homecoming, Housing and Residence Life, and Orientation. Approximately 50% of fraternity and sorority members are involved in another student organization and hold leadership roles on campus.